Brody, Jackson, & Griffin

The Three Little Boys! Since it was raining the whole time we were up north, we decided to do a little shopping. Tammie, Scott, Shaunna, and I, braved the mall with these three little monkeys. It was quite the moment - they were all asleep! Can't get better than that!

Little Get Away!

Okay, so all summer long the kids have been asking to go camping. Well, first off I don't camp when I am pregnant, and second, I only camp if I have an actual bed to sleep tents! So when the family started talking about going up north for the weekend and staying in Shaunna's grandparents cabin.......yep you guessed it! I told the kids we could finally go camping! They were so excited.

We had a great time at the cabin - THANK YOU SHAUNNA & SCOTT!!! The kids loved going hiking with Uncle Scott and playing in "The Wardrobe" playhouse! We went to the Alpine Slides, but we couldn't go down them because it was raining. The kids were pretty sad.....we took pictures of what we COULDN'T do instead.

Cooper, Cooper, Cooper

Isn't he the best big brother you have ever seen? Cooper is amazing with Griffin. He can settle him down and get him to sleep. He loves his brother so much. He helps me out a ton!

Charlee......Little Miss Personality!

We had Charlee's pictures taken a few weeks ago and can't help but notice how beautiful she is! She is growing up so quick. It is hard to believe she is not my baby girl anymore, she has turned into a little lady!

Charlee Turns 4

Charlee celebrated her birthday and
turned 4 years old. She loved every minute
of her special day!

Griffin T McRae

Our newest addition.....Griffin! He is our beautiful baby boy! We are so excited he is here. Cooper and Charlee love him so much. They are both great helpers and can't get enough of him. Isn't he just precious....!!!

Our New Blog!

We decided to try out this new blog thing and keep in touch with our family and friends. The year of 2008 has been pretty exciting for our family. We have had so many changes and new experiences in our family, it will be fun to beable to share them all with you.

For starters, Mike was hired on by the Police Department in January. He has now completed all of his required training and is off patroling the streets, keeping our community safe!

Then in February, we bought our first home. It has been so fun fixing things up, and making the house OUR home. I never knew that buying a home could be so stressful. I don't plan on doing it for a very long time, if ever! The kids love the huge backyard, even though we have no grass will be planted soon! And, they love that the neighbors have kids their age! So, Cooper and Charlee will always have someone to play with.

Our newest addition to the family arrived on August 14th. We were really excited to find out we were going to have another baby. We decided that since we had a boy and a girl, we weren't going to find out what this one was! It was really fun keeping everyone guessing and about half the family guessed right! We had a sweet little boy, Griffin T McRae join the clan. He is an angel and we love him so much.

I have decided to stay home and keep an eye on our children! I love being home and not working. I do miss the friendships I had with those I worked with, but I think being home with the kids far out weighs anything. They experience so much each day, reach so many milestones, and for so long I was missing them. Now, I can spend all the time in the world with them and I don't miss a thing!

Cooper and Charlee are growing so quickly. Cooper is in first grade and I can't believe how smart he is. He amazes me with the things he knows. Charlee is in preschool and is such a drama queen, she keeps us on our toes. She loves to dance and sing....and in so doing, makes us laugh and giggle! Griffin, well he just sleeps and eats and sleeps some more. He is precious, we can't wait for him to start smiling!