Mom, I'm Almost Six Years Old!

What a joy it is to have a five year old daughter to shop for, for Christmas. I was so thrilled to purchase BARBIE stuff for Charlee. I mean, not only stuff, but lots of BARBIE STUFF! I thought for sure she would be so excited to rip open the pink Barbie boxes and let her imagination run wild.

My hopes and dreams of having a house filled with Barbie stuff came crashing down on me Christmas morning. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: "Charlee, are you so excited to play with all your Barbie stuff?"

Charlee: "Well, Cooper got lots of cool stuff. I just got Barbie stuff.....sigh."

Me: "Barbie stuff is cool!"

Charlee: "Not really, I like what Cooper got."

WOW! (Keep gets better!) I just kind of shrugged it off and thought over the next few hours, the Barbie stuff would sink in and it would be AWESOME! After a few days, I asked Charlee once again:

Me: "Charlee, do you like your Barbies?" (They are still all in the boxes.)

Charlee: "Not really mom. I pretty much don't play with Barbies. Maybe we should give them away to Scoti."

Me: "Charlee, if you don't like them it's okay. Just tell me and we can take them back and get you something you will like. I promise I won't be mad." (Inside I am heartbroken. What FIVE year old doesn't like Barbie?)

Charlee: "Well mom, I am almost SIX YEARS OLD. I am getting to old to play with Barbies."

Me: Absolutely in shock "What do you want instead?"

Charlee: "A Salon!"

Oh dear, what do I do with that? Because if I remember correctly, I played with Barbies until I was in SIXTH grade.

Talk About Sweet!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Cooper is the sweetest kid I know! On Wednesday Cooper came home with a birthday party invitation that was being held at Jumpin' Jacks. He was really excited and nervous about the whole situation. Why? You would ask yourself. What kid wouldn't be so super excited to go to Jumpin' Jacks with a bunch of his friends? Well, my sweet, tenderhearted, thoughtful, eight year old Cooper.

Jumpin' Jacks is one of Charlee's favorite places to go and Cooper was sad because Charlee wasn't invited. He didn't want to hurt her feelings and go without her.

The day of the party rolls around and I asked Cooper if he was going to the party. He looked at me in a serious face and said "No, I don't want Charlee to feel bad because she can't go. I will stay home with her instead." Oh, I do believe Charlee has the BEST big brother ever!

The Pantry

Every school morning we have the same routine. I wake the kids up or they wake me up around 7:00. I get the shower running so it's nice and warm for them. Cooper and Charlee go shower and while they are showering I head into the kitchen with Griffin to get breakfast going. This particular morning I opened up the pantry to find some breakfast and instead this is what I found!

Bet you'll never guess who did this???!!! Yep, it was Charlee! She filled my little jars with all sorts of goodies. From left to right: Candy Corn (leftover from Halloween, Rubber Bands, Fettuccine Pasta, All Sorts of Dried Beans, Sugar, and Reese's 100 Calories Snack Mix. I couldn't help but laugh because seriously? Who does this? Charlee!!!

I never said anything to her about it and just left it there to see what she would do with it. Later that day after school I caught her with the "Jar of Sugar" and a spoon! Can you say CAVITIES?

Thanksgiving 2009

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Salt Lake at the Grand America Hotel! The food was amazing and so delicious! We had a great time all together as a family...except for one thing was missing! Mike. We all missed him and wish he could have been there to enjoy the day with us. Thanksgiving would have been perfect if Mike could have been with us. We all love you babe!

Here is Cooper, Grammy, the "Main Guy" at the restaurant who enjoyed hanging out with us while we were eating and Jesse! He was a nice little fellow and thought Cooper was quite the man because Cooper LOVED the chocolate covered strawberries. He even went and got Cooper a plate full of strawberries and chocolate and they ate them together. He was very friendly and made himself at home at our table and with our family!

Coop man with his chocolate face after eating who knows how many strawberries and chocolate!

I love Thanksgiving! This time of year is such a great time, but also a time where I remember the past and get a little sad. But only because I think of my Grandpa Bowen and how much I miss him.

Grandpa Bowen was an amazing man who will forever be an example to me. My sweet little Grandpa had a childhood unlike most people I know. He grew up living in one foster home to another. I believe there were even times where he didn't have anywhere to live. He had several brothers and sisters, but his parents did not play a roll in any of their lives.

Despite all the hardships Grandpa endured, he managed to turn his life around and be an excellent father, grandfather and great-grandfather. I like to think I was his favorite! He would tell me I was, but I am sure he told all the others they were his favorite too! But that is what was so special. He had a great bond with each one of the grand kids and we each had a special favorite part in his heart.

Grandpa worked as a janitor to support his family. They never had much, but he always managed to work hard enough to give them what the needed and sometimes what they wanted. He joined the church and was sealed to my sweet little Grandma sometime after my parents were married. He was a great man!

Things I will always remember about Grandpa:

He would always quiz me on my times tables...every time I called! The first several minutes of our conversation were always 5x9, 4x8, etc.
He had false teeth and would take them out and chase me around the house with them!
Grandpa loved to tease...he would pull out his electric razor, turn it on (he had the cover on over the razor) and would hold me down and pretend to SHAVE my face! He would laugh and laugh and laugh.
He loved to go to Sam's Club and walk through the candy aisle. It was his favorite.
He walked everywhere he went. He never owned a car, and I don't think he ever had a driver's license.
McDonald's was his favorite place to eat.
He was a gigantic flirt with the ladies, but he loved my Grandma more than life itself.
When he would fall asleep, his mouth always fell open.

I could go on and on about Grandpa! When I was fifteen, Grandpa passed away on Thanksgiving Day, and this day as never been the same for me. I think about him all day long and long for the days when he was with us. Every Thanksgiving Grandpa would ask my Dad for the neck and the BUM of the turkey! I can't eat turkey without chuckling to myself and always wanting to gag when he would slurp up the BUM of the turkey! Kind of gross, but none the less...that was Grandpa, the tease!

I love you Grandpa and I can't wait for the day when I can give you a great big hug again! I am so grateful for you and the example of strength you were to me. Till we meet again Gramps!

Teddy Bear Picnic - Jubilee of Trees

I have a lot of catch up to do on my blog! It has been a really long time since I posted anything, so here goes!!!

We were given the opportunity to go to the Teddy Bear Picnic during the Jubilee of Trees. We had a great time seeing all the beautiful trees. Our really good friends Dave and Robert decorate a tree every year! They always do an amazing job, this is their tree this year. This tree was auctioned off the night of the dinner and live auction. I think Dave said this tree sold for over $6000.00! The Jubilee of Trees is such a great cause, I am so happy we were able to be apart of it again this year!

Cooper, Scoti and Charlee in front of Dave's tree! I do have to say this tree was one of my favorites!

Cooper, Scoti and Charlee in the new helicopter for the hospital. All the money that was earned during the event went to purchase this helicopter. Hopefully we will never need to use it!

And now, the Teddy Bear Picnic! I think I absolutely LOVED the skit that was put on because almost everyone in it are friends from St. George Ford! Here is Mark and Deon playing Santa's Elves! They did a great job as Elves. And, the tights?????

Lindsay (another friend from Ford) and her little man Mason! Lindsay was apart of the skit and played Quackers the Duck! You did a great job lady! We even bought Griffin the stuffed duck afterwards and he carries it everywhere and sleeps with it too!

Scoti enjoying the picnic and laughing at the skit! I thought it was so cute that she actually found the humor in some of it! She would giggle and look at me with a great big smile! I just love this age, I am so happy she was able to come with us! I just love this little girl!

And The Winner Is....

All of the suggestions were great! I loved them all. And, because I loved them all, I couldn't decide! I put each of your ideas in a hat and had Cooper draw one out. So, the winner is...Tara Rushton! The name of my new blog will be

Crae's Creations!

Love it! Thanks Tara for your idea! I have a crafty project and cupcakes coming your way!

The First Step Is...

And, I do! I have a crafting, sewing, and baking problem! Along with a cupcake fetish! I LOVE IT! I can't help it, it's ME! It's who I am. I love to make things, come up with crazy ideas, sew, bake and decorate. There are so many blogs out there that have inspired me! I want to make my own blog so I can share my crazy crafts, sewing projects, cupcakes, and anything else that falls into "MY PROBLEM" category!
I need your help! I need a name for this blog! Leave a comment on what you think I should name it! The WINNER will get one of my completed crafty projects AND insane amounts of CUPCAKES! So, get to it! Give me some of YOUR ideas!

Happy SPOOKtacular Birthday Cooper!

My Cooper turned EIGHT! Can you believe it? I have an eight year old! And, a GREAT eight year old at that! We had a Spooktacular Birthday Party full of Frightful Delights for his party!

The "Spooky Swamp." Totally cheesy I know, but this was a hit! My dad stood behind the sheet and the kids tossed a fishing line over and he hooked all kinds of Halloween goodies to the line and tossed it back! They kept asking if they could play again, and again, and oh yes, yet again! So cute to see kids being kids!

"Marry the Ghoul." We had three rings and each kid took a turn to try and get it on the Ghoul's Ring Finger! If they did...they WON 10 pieces of candy! Whoever made it on was absolutely over joyed because they got way to much candy! Sorry parents!

"The Pumpkin Patch." Here they had to toss ping pong balls into pumpkins! This one was a little to easy for them...but they still liked it. I think it was because we gave them lots of candy if they got all three ping pong balls in the pumpkins!

"Donuts on a String." This was hysterical! I thought since they were young kids I would use the small hostess donuts! Well, I shouldn't have "thought" anything! These kids had NO problem sticking those donuts in their mouth...WHOLE! I was laughing so hard watching them try and swallow a powdered donut...practically choking. Serves em' right for stuffing the WHOLE thing in! Geesh, where's their manners?

Cooper had such a fun time! I am still in shock that he is EIGHT!

Cooper, you are such a wonderful young man. I know sometimes it is hard being the little guy. I know you struggle with people always asking "Who's older? You or your sister?" I know you can't wait until you grow and are taller like the other kids! But, I want you to know that no matter how small you are, you are the most amazing EIGHT year old kid I know! You are so sweet and kind, everyone wants to be your friend. You are funny and have a great sense of humor. You know how to laugh and have fun, but you also know when to be serious and respectful. You are sensitive and in tune with our Heavenly Father. You know how to make good choices and be an example to others around you, including me. I watch you with Charlee and Griffin. They are SO lucky to have such a super, awesome, cool, PERFECT big brother. You are their protectors, you watch out for them, you stick up for them. You are the big brother that everyone wants and needs. I know you are ready to be baptized and be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know you are so excited to be baptized! I know that it is hard being the man of the house, but you do such an excellent job. I know you miss Dad and want him home...not only to relieve you of your "man of the house" duties, but you need him! You have gone through so much in your eight years of life. Most kids have never and will never experience some of the things you have. But, you have not let those trials and experiences hold you back, you have taken them and ran with them. You have done your best in all you do! I am so proud of you. I know your Dad is so proud of you! We both love you so much. Happy Birthday Cooper, I Love You!

My Heart Is Super Sad....

My heart is sad and achy. This post is going to be somewhat depressing for me and maybe, just maybe, might possibly make you all feel sorry for me too.

As you know we have been counting down the days until Mike is able to come home. We have anxiously been awaiting November because this is when he comes home for is R&R. I was talking to Mike the other night when he said, "Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" I hesitantly responded with "The bad news please."

The bad news? Mike is not going to be able to come home on leave. BOOOOO. I am sad and mad all at the same time. Sad because I miss him and I know the kids do too. Having Mike come home as been all they talk about. "When Dad comes home this" and "When Dad comes home that." I am mad because well, it's just not FAIR! How come all the other soldiers get to come home and not mine?

My heart hurts every time I think about this because I haven't had the nerve to tell the kids. How mean am I for not telling them? I don't know how I am going to do it. They are going to be overwhelmingly (is that even a word?) SAD and there is going to be a lot of tears involved. I don't know how much good it will do to try and explain it to them. I just don't think they will understand. I wish I wasn't the one who had to tell them the sad news.

It's NOT Funny...But It Kinda Is!

My day....

1. Charlee wakes up, she doesn't feel good...she is going to throw up.

2. YUCK!

3. Around noon she is feeling better.

4. Get ready to head to the Raptor Romp.

5. Cooper tells me he doesn't feel good.

6. There are too many people there.

7. He is nervous.

8. I tell him to get down there and perform.

9. He runs back, "Mom, I Am Going To Throw Up!"

10. And..... he front of EVERYONE!

11. Rush him out of the way, using his shirt as a catch all.


13. Gather up everything.

14. Come home.

15. Started the day with throw up, might as well end with it too!

And so is my life.......sigh.........sigh........sigh!!!!

It's About Time!

I did it! I finally went out and bought a new seems like forever since mine broke! So, I am camera happy and snapping pictures left and right to try and catch up for the time missed.

There is definitely much "SILLY"ness going on in our house! Cooper and Charlee are always cracking jokes and making funny faces. They keep me smiling and make my days much happier.
I find it hysterical and can't stop laughing...I love they have found their sense of humor and know how to use it!

I told Charlee to smile for the camera and this is what I got. One of Charlee's favorite things to do is sit on my lap so we can take pictures of ourselves. Kind of weird, but hey...we have fun!

Griffin seems as though he has grown up drastically since last month and I can't begin to explain how fast this little guy is! Maybe it's that he has two older siblings to show him the ropes, but this kid can move! For was the primary program at church. Charlee sat with us until after the sacrament - then went up front. Griffin felt he needed to be with his big sister and took off after her. I was maybe 15 feet from the podium before I caught up to him. And then of course, he screamed the rest of the way back to our seat. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood!

Griffin as also taken much interest in the play room. He his a climber and has perfected the art of climbing onto the chair to sit at the table! Man this kid is good. He feels like such a big boy when he hangs out with the "big kids." Here is what I found today while I was cooking dinner.

Griffin sitting at the table....thinking "I am so big!"

We got our swing set up and the kids absolutely LOVE it! I absolutely LOVE it too! They come home and they want to go outside to play. Nothing wrong with that I say! I don't see them again until I call them in for dinner...or an occasionally potty break! You can't see the whole swing set from this picture, but you can tell the kids are loving the weather outside and the playground that we are so grateful to have!

Okay, so this a terrible picture to try and show the swingset. But, you can see that Scoti and Griffin are having a good time! I actually found Griffin standing on top of the four wheeler with his hand on the handle bars grinning...swaying back and he knew what was suppose to happen or something. Funny little kid!

I have been doing a lot of this. Halloween Countdown!

My favorite time of year! HALLOWEEN! I don't know why, maybe a little creepy, but I love HALLOWEEN! I get so excited about decorating, having a Halloween party, dressing up and making the kids costumes...the list goes on and on. I would most definitely be okay if we celebrated Halloween at least once a month.

Well folks, this is probably enough for one post. But, not to worry...there will be more. Why? Because Halloween is just around the corner and we will have the cutest PUNKED OUT PIRATES...that I will of course - be showing off!

I Am In BIG Trouble NOW!

Yeah, so Griffin can officially CLIMB out of his crib. It was quite the experience!! I had put Griffin down for a nap but he didn't fall right to sleep. He was in his crib talking to himself when all of the sudden his voice got louder. I peaked my head down the hallway and noticed his bedroom door was open. Uh, that's weird? Who opened his door? I asked Charlee if she went in his room and she assured me she DID NOT! I walked down the hallway and into Griffin's room only to find....NO GRIFFIN! He was not in his crib, he was not in his room....WHERE IN THE WORLD IS HE? I could hear him, but I could not see him. So strange???? I turned around and pushed the bathroom door open all the way and THERE HE WAS, playing with the tub toys. WOW! He was magic, because certainly he didn't get out of his crib ALL by himself!

About 20 minutes later, I once again laid Griffin down to take his nap. This time I thought ahead! Tammie hid in the closet in Griffin's room before I put him down. Within THREE minutes that little stinker had once again CLIMBED out of his crib! But, now we know how he did it! He is not magic at all! He has serious MONKEY TOES! My little man managed to wrap his little toes around the slats in his crib, throw one leg over the top, pull the other leg over, hang his body down and let go, landing on his well cushioned bum! He then pulls the door open with his chubby little fingers and walks out grinning from ear to ear.

Now, what 13 month old can do this? My little 13 months old Griffin can! Cooper nor Charlee EVER climbed out of their crib. I am in serious trouble!

Steal of a Deal!

I heard about this great deal for nursing mom's or soon to be. Go to pick out a nursing cover, go to the check out and enter "cinderella" in the promotion box and you get your $32.00 nursing cover for FREE!!! All you have to do is pay $8.95 in shipping. Pass it on to all you know who would be interested! I don't know how long the promo will last! Good luck!

Late Night....

Once again here I sit. This computer and I spend a lot of time together. Now, not because I choose to sit here and do nothing but because, well, I DON'T SLEEP like a normal person. So, I will warn you now - this may just be a ramble, hullabalu, whatever post. I have so many random things running through my head right now, I have to get them out. If I don't I may never go to sleep tonight!

Random Thought #1: I am really irritated with the fact that my camera is broken. I know I should just get over and go get a new one but I can't. I am not mad at Charlee anymore, just mad that it's broke and it was only 6 months old. I need to go camera shopping...anyone have any good advice for me - like what camera I need to buy?

Random Thought #2: I am truly grateful for the nice guy who lives up the street from me. He is building my kids their swing set and saving me much dreaded time outside. It is still way to hot for me to be building a swing set....the heat is just an excuse. The real truth? I honestly have no idea how to build a swing set!

Random Thought#3: I am not looking forward to waking up in the morning and telling the kids they are not going to school but to the Dr. to get FLU SHOTS!!!! I can see it now...crying...crying...crying...I don't want to you see why I don't tell them until the day of!!!

Random Thought #4: It hit me pretty hard yesterday when I realized that we are HALF way through SEPTEMBER!!! That means only 6-8 more weeks until Mike comes home for a visit!! YAY...HOORAY....YAY!!! Oh, I can't wait. It is going to be so nice to see him, hug him, kiss him, ??????

Random Thought #5: I should probably STOP thinking about Random Thought #4.

Random Thought #6: Enrichment Night is coming up here pretty quick....six days actually. I am feeling pretty good about things. I just hope people actually show up. It really sucks when people DON'T come! But, they are going to miss a great night if they don't come. We have some REALLY good stuff for everyone. We are going to play a couple of games(I, ugh...these are fun though, I promise!) and the prizes are FANTABULOUS!!!

Random Thought #7: How many Cokes a day is to many? Or can one person not get enough Coke? Seriously...I like Coke more than water. Is that weird?


Random Thought #8: I need to get a cute, easy little craft for the nursery kids to do during Enrichment Night....???? Any ideas?????

Random Thought #9: I would LOVE to eat some KING CRAB LEGS right now! Oh yeah, that sounds yummy!!!

Random Thought #10: Ooooohhh, Artichokes sound good too. Why do I always get hungry late at night? It can't be good for my body, right? I mean, if I actually ate late at night...everynight...multiple times a night?

Okay, I will stop. I know I need to seek therapy! But then my therapist would be sleeping and I would still BE AWAKE!!!

Orange Bavarian Cream Chocolate Cupcakes!

Yes, you read that right! Orange Bavarian Cream Chocolate Cupcakes! And oh my, they are delicious! Or maybe scrumptious, delectable, mouth watering, heavenly, luscious....the list goes on and on. I have never eaten a cupcake that has tasted so lovely! I swear I was experiencing a small piece of heaven while I ate the cupcake! The best part? I MADE it all...from SCRATCH! Yes, once again you read it right! I made it all from scratch. That would mean, NO BOXED stuff!

Would Be Picture Here
Remember? Charlee Broke My Camera!
So you all must just imagine this beautiful little cupcake in your head! First, a chocolate cupcake with an orange Bavarian cream center, topped with MY butter cream frosting (I can't tell you my secret ingredient...if I did, I would have to kill you!) and then....candied orange peel to make it even more desirable! Is your mouth watering yet? If so, head on over to my place! I still have a few in my fridge. Oh yes, they are even better cold! But you had better be quick about it. I can't promise them there for long...they are calling my name right now!

Sweet, Sensitive, Thoughtful Cooper

I must say I have the sweetest, most sensitive, and thoughtful seven year old on the planet! Why? Well, the story goes a little something like this.

Yesterday was rough. Church starts at 9:00 a.m. and I try to get there early to set up a table to promote Enrichment Night and activities. Normally I like to try and be out the door by 8:30 - this gives me enough time to load the kids, load the stuff, unload the stuff, set up the table, unload the kids and get them to primary...yes, there is much loading and unloading! So, we didn't get out the door until 8:45 and in my book, WE ARE LATE! And, I don't do LATE. (Don't get me started on being late...that is another post all in itself!) Surprisingly enough, I get everything taken care of ON TIME and I am feeling pretty good about things. I have just a few minutes to get the kids out of the car and into primary when someone "says something" and totally hurts my feelings. Yeah I know, sounds childish, but I do have feelings and they do get hurt. I walk out to the car doing my best to hold in the tears, but didn't make it to far. Cooper sees me crying and is insisting to know why I am sad. I told him not to worry about it, I was okay and to go to primary.

And the church day continues.....

We get home and Cooper is still persistent. He wants to know why I was sad. I told him someone said something that made me feel bad, but I was okay. He apologizes and gives me a hug and then wants to know WHO it was. I told him it didn't matter, it was over with and just to forget about it.

Conversation with Cooper later in the day:

Cooper: "Mom, what time do you wake up in the morning?"

Me: "Around 7:00 so I can get you guys up and ready for school. Why?"

Cooper: "Because I am going to get up early, I have a surprise for you."

Me: "Okay! (with excitement)

And that was that. I didn't hear anything else about it the rest of the day. We go to bed, I go to sleep and I am sleeping pretty good - I was stinkin' tired!

Alarm sounds at 7:00 a.m. and I hit the SNOOZE button, I needed a few more minutes...eight to be exact! Then all of the sudden I hear a shuffle and a soft whisper "Mom. Good morning!" I open my eyes to see Cooper and Charlee standing by my bedside holding a plate of breakfast. I sat up with a smile, looking down at what they so sweetly made me! An Eggo waffle with syrup, a Dove chocolate on the side and a can of Coke! (I would have taken a picture because it was so adorable, but Charlee managed to break my camera...yep, she's in BIG trouble!)

I don't think it gets much sweeter than this! I truly have wonderful children! Thank you Cooper and Charlee for breakfast in bed!

Charlee Turns Five!

It's not everyday your only GIRL turns FIVE!

Yes, we have had our share of birthdays this month! Charlee celebrated her 5th birthday and everyone should know that 5 is a MAGICAL number!!! Why?? Because she is now old enough to go to KINDERGARTEN!!! Hip, Hip, Hooray! But seriously....HOORAY! I love my little Charlee Boo so much. She has more energy in her pinkie than a whole group of five year olds! She is emotional, hysterical, silly, a cuddle monster and a beautiful little lady! I am so grateful I have a little girl who loves shoes, purses and clothes as much as I do. I couldn't have asked for anything more!

Charlee and I have been talking about her birthday for the last several months. We have been party planning, shopping (window shopping!!) and preparing for her 5th Birthday Carnival Bash! Yep, you read it right....A CARNIVAL! But first...the day of her birthday!

Everything was PINK and BLACK with Polk A Dots! Very cute and very girly!

Charlee getting ready to BLOW OUT THE CANDLE! Candle? Isn't she turning 5? Why yes she is, but her mother forgot to BUY candles and could only find ONE lonely leftover candle in the pantry....sorry baby girl! Your mama is somewhat forgetful in her old age!

Charlee was showered with many gifts on her birthday! She got a swimsuit, clothes, a movie, an Iraqi camel (STUFFED ANIMAL) from Daddy along with a makeup mirror, combs and lotion! I have never seen a child get so excited over a makeup mirror, but leave it to Charlee to be delighted! Charlee wanted to open her presents in the morning when she woke up. I let her open a few but saved the BIG ones for later in the evening. Grandma and Grandpa wanted to be here and I wanted to increase the level of SUSPENSE! She was about to die because she couldn't open ALL of them! So later, when Grandma and Grandpa came over for some cake and ice cream we opened the rest of the presents! She FINALLY got her PINK Nintendo DS and a few games...because she is now FIVE! Grandma and Grandpa gave her a FANCY NANCY dress, FANCY NANCY purse, and FANCY NANCY books! Along with PINKALICIOUS, PURPLICIOUS, and GOLDILICIOUS books!

The first thing Charlee did after opening all her presents....RUN to her room and changed into her FANCY NANCY dress...with matching purse and sunglasses! Here she is posing for us all! I love that Scoti follows Charlee around mimicking every move she makes! Charlee put her sunglasses on so Scoti needed hers...Charlee leans up against the wall to pose for the picture and Scoti is right there by her side! They are BOTH just TOOOOO cute!

So, Charlee BOO had a GREAT birthday and LOVED turning FIVE! But, the party isn't over! Because Charlee had her birthday on a Thursday, we had to have the BIRTHDAY CARNIVAL on Saturday! We had games, food, candy, cotton candy, treats, prizes, drinks, a bounce house, FUN, FUN, and more FUN. I had so much FUN planning her party...I hope everyone had a FUN time!

Not sure why, but I can't get the slide show of The Birthday Carnival to pull up. Just click on "View All Images" and it will take you to the link where you can see the pics!

Griffin's Birthday Party!

Griffin had an Ocean "ONE"derland party for his first BIRTHDAY!!! I know, I is silly and maybe a little weird, but hey, it's his FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! I looked and looked for something fun and different to do for his party and then FINALLY, there is was! Because seriously, how much fun is an ocean wonderland? Well, in case you were is really FUN and so cute and super easy to put together!

Griffin and his SUPER AWESOME FISHY cake!!!
The confused look? He wasn't quite sure why we were all smiling and singing to him!

I made this cute 3 tiered cake holder out of an oatmeal box and cardboard that I covered in paper, ribbon, rick rack, paper fish and underwater plants! Turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself! Oh, and a little spray paint....because spray paint is my new best friend!!!

With my other children on their FIRST birthday, I would make a cute cake in hopes that they would be so excited, smile and take a great big chunk and start eating. But to my disappointment Cooper and Charlee wanted NOTHING and mean NOTHING to do with CAKE! So, I made Griffin his cake having no expectations of him wanted to eat it. But, much to my surprise.... HE LOVED IT!

Griffin snatching the first STARFISH off his cake! He is putting it in his mouth! (I am holding my breath...waiting for him to spit it out!) YAY, he likes it!!

He kept eating......and eating.....and eating....until

He looked like this! And the whole thing was GONE!

Wow, who would have known that the 3rd child would FINALLY eat the cake?!?!? Now, not to TOOT my own horn, but I make some pretty darn SCRUMPTIOUS cake and some mighty YUMMY frosting. So, I am pretty sure I know why he liked his cake!

Matter of fact, when he was done picking up as much cake has he could with his chubby little hands, I look over at him and he is licking the tray of his high chair! He couldn't get enough of his mama's DELICIOUS OCEAN "ONE"DERLAND cake!

The Muffster (a.k.a. Kathy, my big sister) with Hope and Sam! Notice they are sitting underneath the AMAZING ocean wonderland...with smiles on their faces!

I have to take a moment to brag because I MUST say, I have the most WONDERFUL family. Seriously! Think about this....between the months of July and August we have 13 birthdays in our family! Yes, I said Thirteen! That is A LOT of birthdays! And somehow we manage to celebrate ALL of these birthdays! I know sometimes it seems overwhelming and we eat a lot of CAKE, but we do it! And WHY? Because that is one of the reasons WHY we have families! To celebrate and be together! Anyway....just thought I would let them all know I LOVE them! Thank you ALL for ALL you do for me!

Happy Birthday Griffin!

Today is the day! My baby turns ONE! I can't believe how quick this past year has come and gone. So many things have happened and Griffin has grown into a miniature little man! He such an adorable little guy with a happy personality. I am so grateful Griffin joined our family, he has been such a blessing and joy!

My Little Griffin Man!

A Total Mama's Boy!

Loves To Eat...Everything! Lucky Charms Are His Favorite! Thanks Aunt Engor!

Never Wakes Up Sad...He Is ALWAYS Happy In The Mornings!

Can Say Hi and Bye Bye!

Likes His Bottle...It's A Comfort Thing!

Thinks Cooper and Charlee Are Pretty Funny!

As Discovered The Toilet....YUCK!

Likes To Play The Wii With Cooper. He HAS To Have A Controller TOO!

Doesn't Seem To Mind Bumping His Head On Things...Gotta Love The Helmet!

Can Go Up and Down The Stairs! Only Occasionally Falling Down Them!

Takes A Great Afternoon Nap!

Laughs At Me When I Tell Him "NO!!!"

Has An UGLY Face He Makes And It's Only A Face A Mother Could LOVE!

Figured Out How To Throw A Tantrum. Today Actually!

Can Walk, But Still Thinks Crawling Is Faster. Won't Take Long To Figure Out He's Wrong On That One!

Misses His Daddy and Can't Wait To See Him!

Griffie, your mama sure does love YOU! I can't imagine our family without you. You make me smile all day and amaze me constantly with how much you know! You are such a happy guy, hardly ever sad, and so content, so pleasant! Your smile makes my day!

The First Day of School

The day I have been waiting for....BACK TO SCHOOL! I enjoyed the summer and the kids were great, but I am probably more excited that school is back in session than the kids are! Cooper is now in 2nd grade and Charlee is starting Kindergarten!

Oh my gosh...They are so CUTE! Cooper is such a great big brother. I know Charlee is going to be taken care of!

And off they go!

The FORT!!!

The kids wanted to build a fort....guess who ended up building it? Yep, you guessed it, ME!! But, I was okay with it because it kept them busy for TWO days! So, two pop up tents and two army blankets later....we had an AWESOME FORT!!!

Cooper - Griffin - Charlee

Peek A Boo

The Three of Them! I am so lucky they play so well together.

Don't know if you noticed, but I must point children have NO shirts on. Some weird thing, they all end up partially naked! Cooper and Griffin...okay. But Charlee??

I Think I Have A Problem!

My problem....??? I have discovered how to make paper PURSE GIFT BAGS!!! Oh my gosh, they are so cute and the possibilities are endless! I was cleaning today and doing laundry all the while thinking of a new way to decorate one of these things. I know, I seriously need to get a life! They are cute though!

Trip Up North!

WoW!!! Another week has come and gone, and what do I have to show for it? Well, I would have a lot had my camera HAD batteries the day we went to Lagoon! Unfortunately, the cute pictures of our CrAzY day are all stored on my mom's camera...which is currently not in my possession!

However, we had a SUPER FUN time at Lagoon. Most of my family was able to join us and celebrate Conner and Scotlyns birthday! I had so much fun watching the kids run from ride to ride - getting so excited about each one. It is funny how they have a story after each ride...something happened and it was "SO FUNNY MOM!!!"

The highlight of my Lagoon day was while I was sitting in the middle of the kiddie section watching Cooper and Charlee run wild! Now, do you all remember the little boat ride? The one that has the bell you can ring while floating along in a circle? Okay, Cooper and Charlee were standing in line patiently waiting their turn. There were two little girls (okay, they were young but NOT little) who were getting off the boats when "OH, OH MY!" The older sister FELL into the water and under she went! The mom rushes over to get here (yeah, she's OKAY!) but I could not stop laughing, it was HYSTERICAL! Am I so mean? Just create the image in your head and you will probably laugh too! And oh the sadness in my heart when I couldn't catch it all...dang camera! (If you want more hysterical details about this incident, just ask! I would love to tell you ALL about it! Yes, there is more to the story!)

So, the day ends and we are exhausted. Man, I am getting old because I was tired at like 2!! We had doctor appointments for Griffin's flat head...which he still has and will have to wear his helmet for 6-8 MORE weeks! Ughhh...! But, they are making him a new helmet because his head is not fitting in his one now! Good thing I don't have to pay for that one! Those little plastic suckers are EXPENSIVE!

Mike has a buddy over in Iraq who's family lives up north! Mike gave me her number so we could meet and get to know them! I gave them a call and we met up at a chocolate factory! We had such a great time. It is such a small world!

Just A Little Flashback....

Okay! So I am in my bathroom blow drying my hair, Griffin is at my feet playing with whatever is in the drawer. I look down to see Griffin holding my flat iron with the biggest, happiest smile ever! It was then that I experienced my FLASHBACK!!!

When Cooper was around two years old and Mike was gone to Basic Training for the Army, my little man Coop LOVED my blow dryer. He carried it around the house, played with it, took naps with it (it was then I cut the cord off!) and even had to take it in the car and to the store...sometimes even daycare! Kind of strange, and I am totally happy he grew out of the phase!

I know I have a picture of it somewhere.....???

Is my little Griffin going down the same path...Only with the flat iron instead? If so, I had better go buy a cheap one cuz he AIN'T carrying my Chi around!

In Loving Memory....

Our little Roxy Dog! How Roxy came to be...? When my little brother Scott was mountain biking up behind the capital several years ago, he came across a little lost black lab pup. Scott, being the tendered hearted little guy he was, decided this dog could not be alone any longer. He took the laces out of shoes and made the puppy a leash to bring her home. Once at home, Scott fed her and gave her plenty of water. He had an immediate bond with this lost little pup. Mom of course, told Scott "absolutely NOT." "We will not have another dog in this house!!!!" Scott put posters up all over the neighborhood but no one claimed the dog. By this time the dog had a name..."ROXY" and a master and a family. Best of all, Mom fell in love with her. And Roxy has been part of the family since....around 15 years!
Loves To Play Fetch
Enjoys Chasing Cats...But She Never Knows What To Do With Them Once She Has Caught Them!
HATES Thunder, Lightening and Rain
Likes To Take Herself For A Walk
Young Children Make Her Nervous
She Listens To EVERYTHING Scott Says
Hides Under The Bed
Eats Grass When She Has A Belly Ache
Despises Getting A Bath
But Likes To Swim In The Lake
The other night Roxy escaped from the front door while no one was paying attention. A few hours later I noticed she wasn't following me around the house as I locked up. I went outside in hopes to find her on the porch waiting for me. (She often took herself on a walk and would wait on the front porch for us to let her in!) Sadly, Roxy wasn't there. As I was calling for her, my neighbor asked who I was looking for. I explained it was the dumb dog and if he saw her to give me a call so I could go get her. A few minutes later, my phone rang. Steve told me a little black dog had been hit by a car and was on the side of the road. I got in the car to see if it was her, but by the time I got there, someone had all ready picked her up. We aren't sure if Roxy died or if she was rescued. We haven't been able to locate our little Roxy Dog and we miss her very much. I am so sad that our family dog of 15 years is gone, she wormed her way into the hearts of everyone. She will be missed and we LOVE you Roxy!

God Bless America!

Today was quite the day! It seems like sometimes a HOLIDAY is more work than it should be! But oh well, it was a fun day! We celebrated little Brody's birthday and the 4th all in one day! Good food, good friends and family, bad HOT day, NICE cool swimming pool! I of course had to yipe up the 4th at our house - just a little bit! The kids put on their patriotic shirts (poor little Griffie didn't have one..but he is in camo instead!) and mohawked the boys hair with RED hair gel, girlied up Charlee with patriotic hair bows (and red hair too) and took some pictures! This day means so much more to me now that it has in the past. I have a new sense of patriotism and appreciation for this country. I am so grateful I live in a free land where I have the FREEDOM to choose. God Bless America!

FYI - I let Griffin have a day's so HOT outside! It would have been torture to make him wear that helmet!

Oh My...That Is All I Can Say!


Here is what she looked like underneath all those covers! I think I am in serious trouble. She came up with the outfit all on her own! And yes, that is a scarf she managed to turn into a shirt. Well, not sure if you can classify that has a shirt, but rather some type of top!

Griffindor....Little Man!

My little Griffin man is growing up! I think he wears his helmet very well. Doesn't he look FREAKY cute? I mean seriously, doesn't that smile just melt your heart? I think one thing I love about his helmet is the ANGRY EYES he gets. When the helmet slips a little, it pushes all the chunky from his forehead down towards his eyes. He looks like he is super mad, but then he smiles and it is to funny! I haven't been able to catch that look yet on camera, but I am trying!

Griffin has mastered going down the one stair in our house! He doesn't do it the right way, oh no! He heads down head first! Sometimes he falls, but the helmet protects his little head and he just continues on his way! I sure am going to miss that helmet when it is time to say goodbye!

Mission Accomplished! He is safely down the stair and now climbing back up. It never seems to bore him, and I don't quite understand!

This picture is just because....This is what he looks like when he gets his ONE hour a day without his helmet on! I have to put socks on his hands because if not...He just scratches and scratches his head until it bleeds. Poor little guy, can you see all the read marks on his forehead? The helmet causes skin breakdown, plus all the sweat, YUCK!!!! He reminds me of a little cat when he paws at his head trying to scratch, I can't help but laugh at him every time! He even will lay his forehead on the carpet and rub it back and forth while he is rubbing the back of his head with his little hands! So cute!