Grease at Tuachan

All the girls in the family had the opportunity to see GREASE at Tuachan.

It was a fun Girls Night Out.

Charlee and Scoti - we didn't see the Little Mermaid, but they liked this photo op better!

Silly girls!

Suzanne, Kathy and Shaunna.

My little HOPE.  Except she's not little anymore. 

She is a gorgeous teenager.

Samantha.  My oldest niece - engaged to be married.

Now I am feeling really old.

Charlee and Scoti... Best Friends Forever.

How cute are they? 

We left early because these two were falling asleep.

They were walking ahead of me - holding hands and chatting.

They truly are the cutest friends.

Father's Day

We had such a great Father's Day this year.

Decorated the entry way - Just so the Dad's in our lives would know how much we love them!

Well, and because seriously, how cute is that banner? 

I couldn't resist.

I made these little jars with the neckties for my Dad and brothers. 

Dinner.  Slightly nightmarish.  Mike said he wanted BBQ Brisket for dinner.

Have you ever made Brisket?  I never did, but I figured really, how hard can it be?

Apparently, harder than I thought.  It was DISGUSTING.

Thank goodness I tasted it before everyone got here.  We had to make some last minute changes to the menu.

Poor Mike had to grill chicken on Father's Day.

HUGE FAIL.  On my part.

So, I am leaving the brisket to the professionals.  We can go out for BBQ if that's what he wants from now on.

Mike and I gave our Dad's one of these guns.  It's a 1930's war gun...somehow Russia is involved in the making... it has a bayonet attachement....some cool ammo la la..

See how much I know about them?  Not very much.

But my Dad, LOVED it.  He couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

I am gonna say it was a HIT!

We gave Mike's dad his a few weeks ago when they were here visiting.  I didn't get any pictures, but he was just as excited.

Boys and Guns.


I guess it's something I will never understand.

Family Dinner

I just LOVE when my big brother and his family comes down from Salt Lake.

We always have a GREAT time.

Especially the kids.

Conner and Cooper are inseparable when they are together.

I kept trying to get Conner to "SING FOR ME."  It was a no go.

I got that face instead. 

Me and Lover Boy.

Truly, the three of these kiddos ... TROUBLE!

Just kidding, it's more like pure hysterics.  They always have some goofy joke or funny story.

And, just listening them have conversations - HILARIOUS!

My sweet little CHEESE BALL.  He sees the camera in his face and constantly smiles and yells "CHEESE!"  Love this boy.

This little guy. NEVER. CRIES. He is an absolute doll and the tiniest little peanut ever. He turns one this week, but he is so LITTLE! So sweet and precious is our Little Bruce - ster!

Cooper always has some funny face for me.  He was so excited about the FREE ice cream.

My Charlee Boo.  She is such an angel and my saving grace.

I would not survive the day without her.

My Little Mini Me.

The family, enjoying some dinner at Dickeys.

I am so lucky to have you all.


Ward Summer Party

What happens when you put the Elders Quorum in charge of a Summer Ward Party?

 Let me tell ya!

You get a 100 foot Slip N' Slide on a gigantic downhill slab of grass.

Large quantities of kids.

And several Dad's who are kids at heart..

Charlee Boo with Bro. Tueller.  He would toss the kids on his back, take off running and launch himself down the slide.  You can tell by the look on their faces they are having a fabulous time.

Cooper with Bro. Tueller.  Really, he had to be exhausted when he left.  The kids just wouldn't leave him alone.  It was super cute watching them get so excited and have so much fun.

But who says it has to be the kids and dads who have all the fun.

Oh yeah, that's Kellie riding on her honey Shan's back.  I seriously couldn't stop laughing at these two.

Cooper thought it would be fun to start a water war.  With Kellie.  He snuck up behind her and dumped a 5 gallon bucket on her.  I've never seen him take off so fast in his life - and with a smile of complete satisfaction.  Not to long after, all the boys thought it would be fun to attack Kellie with buckets of water.  I personally think they think she's cute - they wanted her attention!

Charlee playing on the park with her little friends from church.

Cooper relaxing in the shade after plenty of sun.

You can't have a summer park party without Popsicles.  I lost track of how many this kid ate.  It seems like there was a never ending stash of those freakin' things.  Every time I turned around he had a different color, enjoying every second of it too.

Just a little snap shot of my Griffie.  I think this child would live outside if I let him.

Oh my gosh - he's just to cute.