What Every Girl Wants For Christmas!

Yeah, I know you're jealous! 

And if you're not.... well, something is desperately wrong with you!

Gonna Play Catch Up...

I guess you can say I have been a little slacker and have not been keeping up on the McRae happenings...How sad for me because now, I get to play catch up for my online journal.

Griffin Turned 2!!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

We celebrated Griffin, Jackson and Brody's SECOND birthday all together.  We had a beach party theme and it turned out fabulous!

Meet Molly, Our Newest Addition!


This girl turned SIX!  Can you believe my little girl is growing up so quick?  She is turning into quite the little lady too!

Charlee opened her presents and loved that they were ALL Polly Pockets!  Silly girl, she LOVES these things!

Charlee's Birthday Party
I seriously think it is the cutest birthday party ever!  I am going to post her party on my craft blog, I have so many more FUN pictures!

And then there's this....
Need I say more?  Sorry Anne, I just had to post this picture...not a day you want to remember I am sure?!

This Molly dog is getting bigger, and she loves to take her daily nap in the basket on the jogging stroller.  All I have to say is she had better not chew this up or she's gonna need to find a new home.

This cute kid, Mr. Cooper, turned NINE!  Can you believe I am old enough to have a NINE year old?  Man, I am getting up there....

Camp Coopers Backyard Birthday Bash!

We cooked our Hot Dog dinners over the fire, then roasted our marshmallows to make smores for dessert.  Played some night games and laser tag, it was a fantastic.

My candy corn wreath was featured on UCreate...the Oprah of craft blogs!  You can't even imagine the perma grin that was on my face the ENTIRE day!  I was so happy!

And, I started this.  I can't believe I actually did something so crazy!  It has been so fun and rewarding!  I have loved seeing the smiles a cupcake can bring to others faces!

Griffin, Jackson & Brody

I have this really cute friend Kesha and she took the little boys' TWO year old pictures for us last week.  Can you believe these little stinkers are already TWO?  I can't... but they are!  These little boys are best little buds.  They all have different personalities but love each other so much!  Just thought I would share some of the cuteness with you...

I don't think they really knew what was going on here...they all look a little confused!

Griffin, he's my little lover boy.

I love this kid!

I know he's thinking..."Hum, how far can I throw this rock that's in my left hand?"

Love those big brown eyes!

Once again, my lover boy!

Little Jack, he is so stinkin' sweet!

I think he started to panic a little...his head being stuck and all...

This is Brody pouting, he lays down on the ground.  At least he isn't kickin' and screamin!

Jack kept trying to hide from the camera, this is a little peek!

The Phantom of the Opera by Conner

I have the CUTEST nephew on the planet!  It truly makes me sad they don't live here close to me anymore because I love this little kid so much. 

 A few weeks ago my brother Jesse and his family were here to visit.  We were sitting on the couch when Jesse said "Conner, sing the Phantom of the Opera for Aunt Boo!"  Conner bursts out into song and let me tell you, it isn't just little kid singing that's cutesy.  This kid can SING!  I laughed so hard I almost cried...not because it is bad, but because he is amazingly good and he is so flippin cute I couldn't help but laugh, in a GOOD way!

So, guess what?  They are here again this week!  Yippeee!!!  And, I was prepared this time.  I broke out the video camera and captured Conners talent!  Check him out!

I couldn't get him to be too serious because he had an audience of cousins.  But, still this kid can sing!  I love how he sings his name and then his great big beautiful smile when he is finished! 

p.s. please don't mind that all the kids are partially undressed...not sure why exactly!!

St. George Marathon 2010

My Once In A Lifetime Experience!

Me and Shaunna, bright and early in the morning.  Actually, it wasn't bright at all, it was dark.  It was 4:30 a.m., but we look all bright and cheery! 

I had to put this blurry picture on because I am on my tip toes so Shaunna doesn't feel SO TALL next to me!!  And, because Shaunna is announcing something on her shirt...

Yes, Shaunna is 2 months pregnant and running a FREAKIN' marathon!  She is amazing!

I have the sweetest kiddos.  They were so excited to watch me finish!  And, I have to say they must have demonstrated some patience waiting for their mama to finally make it across the finish line.

I was so happy to see them as I came down the home stretch.  I had to keep grinning because I was going to have an emotional break down.  This race was one of the most physically demanding things I have ever had to endure.  There was a sign someone posted along the course that said: "Running is all mental...And we are all INSANE!"  Well, running this far for the first time, I thought I was insane.  Many times I had to push aside the "I can't do this" attitude and tell myself "You can finish this and you will!"  So, seeing my family at the finish line I had to smile and push back the tears because I was so HAPPY to see the end so close!

I grabbed my little Griffin man and made my way to the finish line!  He looked so stinkin' confused, I couldn't help but laugh at him.  I don't think he had any idea what was going on!

I really couldn't have done this without the excitement of Cooper and Charlee.  Each day, they would ask me "How far you running today Mom?"  And every time I came back from a run they always asked, "How far did you go?  What was your time?"  How cute are they?  And then Mike!  What a great husband I have!  He would come home from working a really late shift, I would leave to do long runs when he went to bed, the kids were up shortly after and he never complained about me going.  He would always encourage me to push myself and train hard.  He always told me I could do it and I decided he was right!  I sent Mike a text around mile 24 telling him I was coming and his reply was "You got this.....DOOOOOO IIIIIIIT!!!  I couldn't have done it without my cute little family.

Also, I don't think you can read Griffins white trash wife beater, but it says "My mom RUNS like a MOTHER!"

Shaunna, Brody, Scott, Mom, Charlee, Me, Griffin, Cooper, Mike, Tammie, Jackson, and Scotlyn.

I had to get a picture of the whole family!  Each one of them were there to support both Shaunna and me!  What a wonderful family I have!

I was so excited to see my amazing friend Tara at the end!  Now, Tara is a REAL, true friend because not very many friends would give me a big hug like this after running in the heat for 5 hours, I know I stink!  Tara, you are the SWEETEST, GREATEST friend anyone could ask for!

I set a goal of 4:30 to finish the race.  About three weeks ago I had to change my goal because I had some hip problems.  Those darn hips... I changed my time to 5 hours, but I didn't make it.  I finished at 5:33.  I am sad and disappointed I didn't finish by my goal time, but I am grateful I finished!  I am grateful my body survived and endured to the finish line!

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement!  You have NO idea how much it helped me!  Also, Shaunna, THANK YOU!  You kept me going when I didn't want to anymore.  You told me we could do this and it would be so much fun and so worth it at the end.  I am so grateful to have you for my running partner!  We made some fun memories running down that freaking canyon in the wee hours of the morning!  Especially the morning with the coyotes!

Now.... I'M DONE!

Until next time.....?  I dunno, we shall see!!!

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Cooper's Final Draft

I was cleaning out Coops backpack this morning, while going through his school work I found a paper he wrote.  It was so cute and funny I had to share!  Here it is word for word and exactly how he wrote it:

Final Draft by Cooper Date 9/10/10

"My favorite place to go is Salt Lake because I get to see my cousins.  Their names are Kalli, Hanna, Izeck and Macie.  Every time I go up there we go to Lagoon and Cherry Hill.  I love Salt Lake because when we go up there to Lagoon and Cherry Hill I get to see my Grandpa and Grandma!  I love Salt Lake so much that I want to live there for the rest of my life!
Also before I stop writing I just want to say that if you live in Salt Lake you have snow in the winter.  Oh yeah!"

I thought this was so sweet because he truly does love his cousins Kalli, Hanna, Izeck and Macie!  He loves to spend time with them and go to Lagoon and Cherry Hill.  But my favorite part is how he said before he stops writing....snow!  Well, I guess when he's older he can live in SLC but his mama is going to stay right here in sunny St. George!!!

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The Reclaimed Headboard

Okay, so I have to brag for a minute or two.  We finally upgraded and got ourselves a KING mattress...YIPEE!  Mike and I built our headboard instead of spending WAY to much money for over priced furniture.  If you haven't met Ana over at Knock Off Wood, you are missing out.  She has amazing skills and provides TONS of plans for just about anything you would want or need.  And the best part, they are all FREE!  I posted about this on my craft blog with more details if your interested. 

Here's how it turned out!

Want to know the total cost for this headboard?  Yeah, I know you did.... $50.00.


I can't believe it!  The marathon is less than 2 months away and running is becoming my life.  This morning Shaunna and I ran 12 miles for our training.  Each week we have a long run and increase our miles so that by the time the marathon rolls around, we are READY!  I know this sounds crazy, but today was a GREAT run!  The weather was perfectly overcast and lightening was striking in the distance.  Around Winchester we felt drops of rain which lasted for about a mile, aahhh it felt wonderful.  Sometimes during a run, I will feel completely exhausted and want to quit, today was not that day!  I was having one of those "I can run forever" moments.  I think Shaunna was too! 

Throughout the last 8 months of running, I have been able to have a lot of "quiet time." Time to think, or not think, enjoy the beauty of Southern Utah, curse the heat and smell real sweaty.  However, during my quiet times I have the opportunity to really focus on things that matter.  Right now, LIFE matters a lot to me.  Griffin is almost two and it is hard to believe the day he was born was the day I almost left this earth.  Since then, I have had a change of perspective and during my runs, I think about them... A LOT!

Life is precious, it can end so quickly and without any warning. 

Companionship, trust, and love.

I treasure the moments I snuggle with my kids and now snuggle every chance I get.

Hearing the words I LOVE YOU never get old.  I say it all the time...to everyone I love.

True friendships are important.

Children grow up to quickly so never pass up the opportunity to spend time with them.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is TRUE!

Priesthood blessings provide miracles.

Trying new things is healthy.  And, not just food.  Like camping...!

Service to others is a must!  If I see a need, I have a great desire to fulfill it.

Some money is a must, but lots of it is not.

The world is full of beauty.

Power tools provide an outlet for moms.

Pink is a FABULOUS color.  I'm not ashamed to admit that if I wasn't married, my kitchen would have several PINK appliances.

Cupcakes are delicious and should be eaten at every opportunity.

Talent is given from God.  Use it.

There are so many things that fill my mind while running.  I really am grateful I have the ability to run.  I am happy I am healthy.  I am thankful I have had certain experiences in my life to help me prioritize and focus on what really matters.  Thank you RUNNING for giving me the time to reflect...

Family Fun

My kids are SPOILED!  Yes, SPOILED.  My parents bought Cooper, Charlee and Griffin this AMAZING water slide for ALL of their birthdays.  We opened it up a little early and had WAY to much fun with this thing!

We had a little get together with some friends!  The kids had a BLAST!
Thanks Callaways!

Mike would stand at the bottom of the slide and drench the kids with a 5 gallon bucket of water.  Just because he thinks it's funny!  Nice dad...!

Griffin was exactly having the time of his life.  He would rather sit in the shad wrapped in a towel and watch from afar!  Silly little kid.

My Darling Charlee Bucket!!

Now, everyone who knows Charlee knows that she is a silly little thing and often comes up with the FUNNIEST stuff.  Dancing, singing, talking, making up her own words, the list goes on and on.  But,  I think for now she tops the list and has put the icing on the cake!  This comment was HYSTERICAL and I laugh just thinking about it.

A couple of weeks ago, we are driving in the car when Charlee and I have a conversation that goes a little something like this:

Charlee: "Hey mom, do you think you could turn up the air conditioner? 

Me: "Well, it's all ready up, why?  Are you hot back there?  (Mind you she has a vent blowing directly on her in the back seat.)

Charlee: "Yes mom, I am so hot, MY ARMPITS are getting MOIST!!"

Ummm, seriously?  What five year old says that?  Well, MINE!!  Not, sweaty but MOIST!

Now, if that isn't silly enough, here's the real kicker.  Sunday we are headed home from church and it is a HOT day.  I will give her credit for being hot because I was quite MOIST myself!  But, here is what I was told on the way home from church, which is important to know is less than a 1/2 mile away:

Charlee: "Mom, can you drive faster please, my ARMPITS are starting to grow MUSHROOMS!"

Yep, there you have it.  My daughter....what does a mother say to that?

My Morning Run

This morning I took Griffin on my run with me.  I usually dislike having to take him because that means I have to push him in the jogging stroller and that means my run is ten times harder than just running alone.  But, it is a good workout, especially when running hills.

I started at 7:00 am (this is early for me) but the air was so cool and smelled so good, not sure why but I knew it was going to be a good run.  Do you ever just find that pace, you know, the pace that feels so good....you can just run FOREVER?  That is the run I had this morning.  It is those runs that have made me addicted to running.  I would have kept going, but I told Cooper and Charlee I wouldn't be gone long...I didn't want them to get nervous, you know!

Now, there was MANY a runners/walkers this morning and as we would pass I would smile and say "Morning!"  After about the third person, Griffin must have caught on because every other passer by he would yell out "MOWNEE!"  I wish I could see his little face has he shouted MORNING to them all. 

Wouldn't it just make your day to see this cute face at 7 in the morning shouting MOWNEE to you?

And, on a selfish note: 
I love those sweet little moments when my kids show they have some manners!!!

The Real Deal

Well folks, here you have it.  Washington City Employees at their finest!  I couldn't help but snap a picture of the construction going on outside my front window. 

The Little Boys

Griffin, Jackson & Brody have got to be the cutest little boys on the planet.  I know you all have cute boys too, but I hate to break it to ya, these boys top the charts in cuteness.  Especially when the three of them are playing together.  Like this...

Cracker Jack, The Brodster, & Fiffie
Doing what boys do best....throwing rocks!'

You Did What?

My story begins with none other than....CHARLEE...again!  It was the LAST DAY of school, I was still laying in bed and could hear the shower turn on.  Cooper gets in and is getting ready (man I love this kid, I don't even have to get him up - he does it ALL himself!) and I hear Charlee in the bathroom whining (which is no big surprise).  I continued to lay there and listen to the drama unfold in the bathroom. 

Note to self: NEVER do that again!  I should have trusted my gut, got my butt outta bed and went to see what the HELL was going on!

So...the morning plugs on, and I am still oblivious to what happened in the bathroom.  The kids have showered, got dressed, brushed teeth, and I am brushing out Charlee's hair.  I grab an elastic and try to put in a small pony tail on the left side of her head, but for some strange reason, it's NOT working.  Surely, I am not drunk (I don't do that!) and I am pretty sure I am awake now, but what the FREAKIN' HECK is going on????  I try again, and again, and again, and then realize it ISN'T me!

The conversation goes like this:

Me:  "Charlee, what is wrong with your hair?"

Charlee: "I don't know Mom"

Me: "Cooper! Did you rip the elastics out in Charlee's hair?"

Cooper: "NO!"

Me: "Mike! What did you do to her hair?"


Mike: "What are you yelling at me for?  I didn't touch her hair.  She had the elastics out before I got to the bathroom!"

See, this was the drama that was unfolding in the bathroom that I chose to ignore.  So, this is partially my fault I guess.....

Me: "Charlee, how did you get the elastics out of your hair?"

Charlee: "Well, I cut the elastics out because I couldn't get them out."

Me: "HOLY !@#$! You did what?"

So, my daughter cut the elastic out of her hair, thus resulting in Charlee now having BANGS for the first time EVER in her life.

She is now known as Betty because this does NOT look like my daughter!
(Okay, I now they are slightly NOT straight, but this is the best I could do with what I had to work with!  Otherwise she would have nubs for bangs that went even further back than they all ready do!)

Midnight 5K

I have this great friend named Tara.  For the last few months she has been telling me about the St. George Midnight 5K Run and I thought it sounded like so much fun.  At first we thought the race was going to be the weekend of the Ogden Marathon, but it turned out it was two weeks later and I was excited!  Tara, Martha, Hillary and me all registered for this fun event and here are some cute photos of us all decked out in our glow in the dark gear!

When we received our race bags we were provided with some lovely glow in the dark glasses.  These beauties were NOT so beautiful upon the face, but they were kinda fun!  We took our pics with them and tossed them back in the car...I would have had an unfortunate experience of vomit if I had to run with those bad boys on!  They make me dizzy just looking at the photo!

The beginning of the race....I love this picture!  It was a mad house trying to get started.  Everyone wants to be in the lead and they will just step right on top of you to get there.  Come on people THIS IS JUST A 5K!  It was a rush though trying to make your way through everyone!

Martha, Tara, Hillary, Me
After we finished the race...Yippee!!!

After the race, we stuck around to hear the results and get our runner's cards.  Afterwards we headed back to Tara's and realized it was getting pretty late and we were all ready for bed!  Thanks girls for a fun night out. This is going to have to be an annual thing, I LOVED IT!