And The Winner Is....

All of the suggestions were great! I loved them all. And, because I loved them all, I couldn't decide! I put each of your ideas in a hat and had Cooper draw one out. So, the winner is...Tara Rushton! The name of my new blog will be

Crae's Creations!

Love it! Thanks Tara for your idea! I have a crafty project and cupcakes coming your way!

The First Step Is...

And, I do! I have a crafting, sewing, and baking problem! Along with a cupcake fetish! I LOVE IT! I can't help it, it's ME! It's who I am. I love to make things, come up with crazy ideas, sew, bake and decorate. There are so many blogs out there that have inspired me! I want to make my own blog so I can share my crazy crafts, sewing projects, cupcakes, and anything else that falls into "MY PROBLEM" category!
I need your help! I need a name for this blog! Leave a comment on what you think I should name it! The WINNER will get one of my completed crafty projects AND insane amounts of CUPCAKES! So, get to it! Give me some of YOUR ideas!