The Roly Poly

The typical Roly Poly as we like to call it!
So the story goes a little something like this...we were enjoying a little lunch outside at Grandma's house. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the food and the company. Charlee comes up to me and shows me she has found a Roly Poly Bug. Out of no where I say "Charlee, I will pay you a dollar if you eat that Roly Poly Bug." Why would a mother say this to her child? I have no idea! But it was wrong...probably! She just stares at me like "hmmmmm....a dollar?" Then Aunt Tammie says "Charlee, I will give you 5 dollars if you eat that Roly Poly Bug!!!" Charlee then confirms that if she eats this bug we will definitely give her $6.00. She fiddled with the bug and continued pondering if eating this bug was worth the money! Next thing I know, Charlee rolls the Roly Poly Bug up like this....

Grabs her drink, puts the bug into her mouth, take a swallow of juice and down the Roly Poly goes! She immediately holds out her little hand and says "I want my SIX DOLLARS!!!"

I about died! I really didn't think she would do it, what little girl eats a bug? And better yet, what mother entices her child with money to eat a bug? But, of course we paid up and Charlee went to Target and bought herself a hula hoop!

Enrichment Night June 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons...Make Lemonade!

Last month I received a new calling in my ward. I was asked to be the Enrichment Leader! I of course said yes! I later found out that the next Enrichment Night was in a month...Yikes! I had never been in charge of one of these so I was a little nervous. I began thinking of ideas and I decided to go with the old saying "When Life Gives You Lemons...Make Lemonade!" The entire evening was based around lemons, and it was fabulous!

The night started with a light summer dinner! We had loaves of bread on the table with lemonade and water. Our center piece was a lemonade stand filled with fresh lemons! For dinner we served a yummy BBQ Chicken Salad and fresh cold Fruit Kabobs! I liked that the dinner was light...who wants a big heavy meal when it is so hot outside? For dessert we served Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie! The pie was so refreshing.

Now, what is an evening based around lemonade without a Lemonade Stand? My dad made this for me...just for this night! I decorated it because it had to be CUTE! Cooper and Charlee are so excited because after this night was over, the Lemonade Stand is being passed to them.

While everyone was enjoying their dessert, we had a guest speaker. Sister Larsen spoke to us about how important it is to take life's sour lessons and make them into sweet lemonade. She had three stories that really hit home to me. I realize that even when things are hard, the Lord will never leave me. I know I can rely on Him to help me make my own lemonade! She brought the Spirit into our meeting and I am so grateful she was willing to speak to us!
We then broke into mini classes where we learned all there was to know about LEMONS in our life!
LEMONY FRESH: In this class we learned all about cleaning with lemons in our home. I never knew that if you put fresh lemon juice in the dishwasher cycle it will remove all the cloudy yuck off your glasses! We also learned several different ways to be a cheaper housekeeper!
LIP SMACKERS: This class was all about LEMON desserts and how to incorporate our food storage into every day cooking and baking. We were able to sample several lemon desserts and oooohhhh, they were good! I was excited about the different ways to incorporate using my food storage into everyday meals and also how to hide it so no one knows it's there!
LEMON BERRY SQUEEZE: Here we had a demonstration on smoothies. It is amazing how healthy you can make these tasty drinks! You can put all sorts of fruits and vegetables into a blender and my kids would never even know this drink is good for them!
PUCKER UP: I think this class may have been one of my favorites! We learned how to make homemade lip tasted like LEMONS! It is so inexpensive and so fun. What a fun activity to have with your kids. We also learned about being a better grocery shopper and how to use coupons to our advantage.
With all the information we were giving, it was only necessary for a recipe book to be created and given out to all the sisters to refer to. In this book was all the valuable information they were taught in all the classes.
I am so grateful for my new calling. The night was definitely a lot of hard work, but well worth it. I feel all who were there had a great time and left with several great new tips! Now, I get to start planning the next one....ummmmm? I love this calling WAY to much!