Trip Up North!

WoW!!! Another week has come and gone, and what do I have to show for it? Well, I would have a lot had my camera HAD batteries the day we went to Lagoon! Unfortunately, the cute pictures of our CrAzY day are all stored on my mom's camera...which is currently not in my possession!

However, we had a SUPER FUN time at Lagoon. Most of my family was able to join us and celebrate Conner and Scotlyns birthday! I had so much fun watching the kids run from ride to ride - getting so excited about each one. It is funny how they have a story after each ride...something happened and it was "SO FUNNY MOM!!!"

The highlight of my Lagoon day was while I was sitting in the middle of the kiddie section watching Cooper and Charlee run wild! Now, do you all remember the little boat ride? The one that has the bell you can ring while floating along in a circle? Okay, Cooper and Charlee were standing in line patiently waiting their turn. There were two little girls (okay, they were young but NOT little) who were getting off the boats when "OH, OH MY!" The older sister FELL into the water and under she went! The mom rushes over to get here (yeah, she's OKAY!) but I could not stop laughing, it was HYSTERICAL! Am I so mean? Just create the image in your head and you will probably laugh too! And oh the sadness in my heart when I couldn't catch it all...dang camera! (If you want more hysterical details about this incident, just ask! I would love to tell you ALL about it! Yes, there is more to the story!)

So, the day ends and we are exhausted. Man, I am getting old because I was tired at like 2!! We had doctor appointments for Griffin's flat head...which he still has and will have to wear his helmet for 6-8 MORE weeks! Ughhh...! But, they are making him a new helmet because his head is not fitting in his one now! Good thing I don't have to pay for that one! Those little plastic suckers are EXPENSIVE!

Mike has a buddy over in Iraq who's family lives up north! Mike gave me her number so we could meet and get to know them! I gave them a call and we met up at a chocolate factory! We had such a great time. It is such a small world!

Just A Little Flashback....

Okay! So I am in my bathroom blow drying my hair, Griffin is at my feet playing with whatever is in the drawer. I look down to see Griffin holding my flat iron with the biggest, happiest smile ever! It was then that I experienced my FLASHBACK!!!

When Cooper was around two years old and Mike was gone to Basic Training for the Army, my little man Coop LOVED my blow dryer. He carried it around the house, played with it, took naps with it (it was then I cut the cord off!) and even had to take it in the car and to the store...sometimes even daycare! Kind of strange, and I am totally happy he grew out of the phase!

I know I have a picture of it somewhere.....???

Is my little Griffin going down the same path...Only with the flat iron instead? If so, I had better go buy a cheap one cuz he AIN'T carrying my Chi around!

In Loving Memory....

Our little Roxy Dog! How Roxy came to be...? When my little brother Scott was mountain biking up behind the capital several years ago, he came across a little lost black lab pup. Scott, being the tendered hearted little guy he was, decided this dog could not be alone any longer. He took the laces out of shoes and made the puppy a leash to bring her home. Once at home, Scott fed her and gave her plenty of water. He had an immediate bond with this lost little pup. Mom of course, told Scott "absolutely NOT." "We will not have another dog in this house!!!!" Scott put posters up all over the neighborhood but no one claimed the dog. By this time the dog had a name..."ROXY" and a master and a family. Best of all, Mom fell in love with her. And Roxy has been part of the family since....around 15 years!
Loves To Play Fetch
Enjoys Chasing Cats...But She Never Knows What To Do With Them Once She Has Caught Them!
HATES Thunder, Lightening and Rain
Likes To Take Herself For A Walk
Young Children Make Her Nervous
She Listens To EVERYTHING Scott Says
Hides Under The Bed
Eats Grass When She Has A Belly Ache
Despises Getting A Bath
But Likes To Swim In The Lake
The other night Roxy escaped from the front door while no one was paying attention. A few hours later I noticed she wasn't following me around the house as I locked up. I went outside in hopes to find her on the porch waiting for me. (She often took herself on a walk and would wait on the front porch for us to let her in!) Sadly, Roxy wasn't there. As I was calling for her, my neighbor asked who I was looking for. I explained it was the dumb dog and if he saw her to give me a call so I could go get her. A few minutes later, my phone rang. Steve told me a little black dog had been hit by a car and was on the side of the road. I got in the car to see if it was her, but by the time I got there, someone had all ready picked her up. We aren't sure if Roxy died or if she was rescued. We haven't been able to locate our little Roxy Dog and we miss her very much. I am so sad that our family dog of 15 years is gone, she wormed her way into the hearts of everyone. She will be missed and we LOVE you Roxy!

God Bless America!

Today was quite the day! It seems like sometimes a HOLIDAY is more work than it should be! But oh well, it was a fun day! We celebrated little Brody's birthday and the 4th all in one day! Good food, good friends and family, bad HOT day, NICE cool swimming pool! I of course had to yipe up the 4th at our house - just a little bit! The kids put on their patriotic shirts (poor little Griffie didn't have one..but he is in camo instead!) and mohawked the boys hair with RED hair gel, girlied up Charlee with patriotic hair bows (and red hair too) and took some pictures! This day means so much more to me now that it has in the past. I have a new sense of patriotism and appreciation for this country. I am so grateful I live in a free land where I have the FREEDOM to choose. God Bless America!

FYI - I let Griffin have a day's so HOT outside! It would have been torture to make him wear that helmet!

Oh My...That Is All I Can Say!


Here is what she looked like underneath all those covers! I think I am in serious trouble. She came up with the outfit all on her own! And yes, that is a scarf she managed to turn into a shirt. Well, not sure if you can classify that has a shirt, but rather some type of top!

Griffindor....Little Man!

My little Griffin man is growing up! I think he wears his helmet very well. Doesn't he look FREAKY cute? I mean seriously, doesn't that smile just melt your heart? I think one thing I love about his helmet is the ANGRY EYES he gets. When the helmet slips a little, it pushes all the chunky from his forehead down towards his eyes. He looks like he is super mad, but then he smiles and it is to funny! I haven't been able to catch that look yet on camera, but I am trying!

Griffin has mastered going down the one stair in our house! He doesn't do it the right way, oh no! He heads down head first! Sometimes he falls, but the helmet protects his little head and he just continues on his way! I sure am going to miss that helmet when it is time to say goodbye!

Mission Accomplished! He is safely down the stair and now climbing back up. It never seems to bore him, and I don't quite understand!

This picture is just because....This is what he looks like when he gets his ONE hour a day without his helmet on! I have to put socks on his hands because if not...He just scratches and scratches his head until it bleeds. Poor little guy, can you see all the read marks on his forehead? The helmet causes skin breakdown, plus all the sweat, YUCK!!!! He reminds me of a little cat when he paws at his head trying to scratch, I can't help but laugh at him every time! He even will lay his forehead on the carpet and rub it back and forth while he is rubbing the back of his head with his little hands! So cute!


Last year today the first of what would be three boy cousins to be born in a six week period, Brody Scott entered the world!

It seems like yesterday I got the phone call Shaunna was going to the hospital to have Brody! In some ways I was extremely jealous because I still had six weeks to go. How amazing it was to hold Brody for the first time and feel of his perfect sweet spirit. I must admit, I was again jealous because Tammie was next, she to was having a boy. I on the other hand, had to be the difficult one and not find out if we were having a boy or a girl. Deep down I knew I was having a boy, but constantly doubted because NO WAY could all three of us have boys. I would have the girl and she would forever be picked on by the two older boys....sometimes that is how life goes! But, the Lord had something special in store. Another boy would be born! I can't wait to see what else is in store for these three AMAZING little men. What a precious miracle happened for our family!

We love you Brody and hope you have a FANTABULOUS 1st birthday!