Rub A Dub Dub....Two Babies In A Tub

Or The Kitchen Sink

Jack Jack and Griffin in the sink taking a bath after playing in the pool!
They smelt of sunscreen and baby sweat....yummy?

Jack Jack loved the sink bath....

Griffin loved having his hands where they shouldn't be!
Note in every picture were his hands are?
I don't understand the fascination?!?!?

Cooper Is Done With 1st Grade!

I can't believe it. My little man is growing really makes me sad. He is so stinkin' smart that he amazes me with the things he knows. He finished the 1st grade and earned all 4's. Which is strange I know! They don't grade like they used to with A's, B's, C's...oh no, it is with numbers now! So, a 3 means that you are at grade level, a 2 means you are struggling a bit, a 1 means you are really struggling and a 4 means you are ABOVE grade level. Cooper earned 4's in every category! I am not trying to brag, but well, I guess I am! Cooper is so smart and he makes me so proud! When a 1st grader is done with 1st grade, they are suppose to be on a reading level of 16-18 and Cooper is on a 28! I can't believe it, it just seems that things come so easily to him. (I am going to have a wake up call when Charlee gets into school - she is like me and doesn't catch on as easy, Cooper is like Mike and well, we all know he is stinkin' smart too!)

So Cooper, I want you to know how proud I am of you. I know you worked hard this school year and learned all that you could. I love how you always want to learn something new and you never hold back. You love to learn and understand the why's and how's of everything. You may be the littlest kid in your grade, but you definitely have one of the biggest brains! I hope you never let you size get you down because you are an amazing little man. You have a friendly personality and your are so gentle and kind to everyone. You never have a mean thing to say about others and I know that is why everyone wants to be your friend. Keep the love you have for learning and never lose that desire. You are a smart, loving kid and I love you too Little Man!

Charlee Graduated From Preschool!

Charlee graduated from Preschool! It is official...she is going to Kindergarten! HOORAY! I just wish Kindergarten was all day! Oh well....I am so proud of her. She has learned so much these past two years. Preschool has been so good to her! She has learned her letters, numbers, colors, manners, shapes, writing skills, coloring skills....everything she needs to know to go to Kindergarten! Charlee is with her two best little girlfriends from school - Brooklyn and Kirsten. They are such cute little friends. I just wish they were all going to the same school so the could continue their education together!

This is a picture of Charlee, Mrs. Summer and Kirsten. Charlee loved Mrs. Summer - she had a baby girl that was Griffin's age and she would come to preschool and join the kids for the day. I think there were some days that Charlee wanted to trade Griffin for Stella so she could have a little sister! Mrs. Summer was so cute with Charlee and really helped her a lot this year!

This is Kirsten, Mrs. Bowen and Charlee. I have to say that Mrs. Bowen is the BEST preschool teacher ever! Cooper and Charlee both went to her school and I hope she is still teaching when Griffin is ready! She is wonderful, I know she loves Charlee and helps her to be the best girl she can be. She is so patient yet firm and has taught my children so much...not only academically but social skills, manners, and values! Her teaching is so positive that you can see each child has amazing self esteem due to the praise and attention she gives each one! Thanks Mrs. Bowen for being such a wonderful teacher! We love you and we are going to miss you!

This is Charlee and Rusty! They are going to get married in the temple when they turn 25! They have it all planned out! Rusty is such a cute little boy, we are going to miss him too. They are moving to Wyoming, so I guess these two are going to have to search each other out later on in life! They are great little friends!

Charlee singing "I'm Proud To Be An American." When these kids sang this song it was all I could do to hold back the tears. They sing it with such energy and pride I can't help but be proud to be an American too! I am grateful that Mrs. Bowen encourages patriotism and taught Charlee the Pledge of Allegiance. She even thanked Charlee's Daddy for his service to this country and teared up a bit when she explained to everyone that Charlee's Daddy was in Iraq and he couldn't be here to see her graduate. She wanted Mike to know how much she appreciates what he is doing! I promised her that I was taking lots of pictures for him so he could see his little girl graduate!
Charlee, we are so proud of you and your accomplishments this school year! You earned the "BEST BEHAVIOR BEE" two times this year! And for you, that says a lot! You are an active little girl who loves to be the center of attention. You are so full of energy that you draw everyone towards you and can always make them laugh and giggle. So, when you earned the "Best Behavior Bee" that means you really tried very hard to mind your manners and be polite. You are such a wonderful little girl. We love you so much and are so grateful that you are apart of our family! We wouldn't be the same without you....Our Little Charlee Boo, We Love You!

The Star Who Was Afraid Of The Dark

Tech Week - Dress Rehearsal
Charlee had her dance recital this week. The theme for the recital was "The Star Who Was Afraid Of The Dark." It was a great recital and had a great message to share with the audience. Charlee was in "The Storm" dance and she even had her own special part. She did an amazing job and we are so proud of our little dancer!

Big Thunder - Dark Cloud

It's Raining...It's Pouring!

Charlee and her dancing friend Carly!
These two became little friends right from the start.
It is cute to see the friendships they make!

Charlee had a couple of "favorites" that come along with dancing. She loves to dress up and wear the fun makeup, but I think she loves being on the stage the most! She was so excited to dance in front of an audience she could hardly contain herself. I love that she is fearless and so confident in herself. I hope she keeps that confidence throughout her life, she knows who she is and she is proud of it!

Coopers First BASEBALL Game

Cooper decided he wanted to play baseball this year! After much hesitation on my part...mainly because I would have to admit that my boy is getting older and therefore I am too, I signed him up for the Rec Team here. They had their first game today and it was hysterical! Most of the kids just stand there in a daze in their own little world...until they got hit right in the head with the ball! Cooper did great, he was the pitcher (the coach actually pitches) the first inning and then played center field the second inning. Cooper hit both times he was up to bat and made it home each time! It was so fun to watch his team play and I am happy that he is growing up into such a fine little man!
Cooper hitting the ball like a pro!

Hanging out on 1st base. Seems like he is quite relaxed?

Coop making it home...he was pretty excited about that!

DoN't MiNd Me, I aM JusT ReShaPinG My HeAd!

My handsome HELMET headed Griffin just got his new P.A.P Orthosis Cranial Remolding Device! He is taking to his helmet very well and doesn't seem to mind it at all! This picture was taken right after they fitted him at Fit-Well Orthotic Center.

Just like any other day, hanging out with his mama!
Not the best picture of his mama, but oh well!

Griffin has been able to move around, nap, roll over, etc. with his helmet. It doesn't seem to bother him in the least bit! I only hope that he will sleep well tonight because heaven only knows I wouldn't be able to sleep with that thing on my head! More info to come!

What I Woke Up To This Morning

This morning Charlee tip toes into my room and tells me Griffin is awake. I told her I could hear him and rolled over. Griffin was just talking to himself so I was going to let him be for a few more minutes! After several minutes I heard Cooper, Charlee and Griffin talking and giggling. I walked into Griffins room and this is what I found! It sure makes me happy to have happy kiddos in the morning! And, I love that Cooper and Charlee love to play with Griffin and can make him smile!