Coops Black Eye!

Last weekend we headed up North for the annual McRae Family Christmas Party. We had a great time spending time with family. It was nice to see everyone and share in the spirit of the holidays! Cooper and Charlee love to spend time with their cousins. They get to play, rough house, wrestle, run around like maniacs and overall have fun! Well, it is all fun and games.....until someone gets hurt! This time it was Cooper! Cooper was wrestling with his cousin Jake when Cooper managed to hit his face into a wooden rocking chair! You can only imagine the HUGE goose egg that immediately developed . However, Cooper was a trooper and toughed it out, he only cried for a minute.

These pictures were taken the morning after the kiss with the rocking chair!

Three days later and much explaining to several people, Coopers eye is turning from black and blue to a nice shade of yellow and green!

p.s. Jake was totally playing with Cooper and this was a complete accident! We love Jake and appreciate that he takes the time to wrestle and play with Cooper, because Cooper looks forward to hanging out with his cousin Jake!

Numa, Numa - Charlee Style

Charlee's favorite song to sing is Numa Numa! Here is a short HYSTERICAL clip of Charlee singing in the car at the top of her lungs. It is so funny because she is totally off key and so loud! I love that she has no inhibitions and can always be herself! If you have never heard this song, it is in Romanian and if you want to hear the whole thing, go to youtube!

Bye, Bye Bathroom!!

For those of you lucky enough to use our bathroom, consider yourself privileged! Because as of today, it has been demolished and thrown out in the backyard in bits and pieces! So, say your farewell, shed your tears and just wait until you see what is in store. This old ugly bathroom is getting a desperately needed makeover!
Not very many people are cool enough to have a toilet on their back patio. It's kind of the new thing now. You should try it out - works great for the kids and stuff! (Sense the sarcasm?)

Here is Mike hard at work laying tile! Now, I love this travertine tile. I think it is beautiful and well, it just fits our family's personality. Mike likes it too, once it is all finished. He doesn't think it is so beautiful while he is cutting, laying, grouting - ya know all that stuff that goes with those pretty new floors!
Mike is such a hard worker! Isn't he so good to me? I think I will keep him around for a little bit longer!

Once the makeover is done, I will show you the finished product!