The other evening we were all sitting down eating dinner together.  Cooper starts talking about how he had hurt himself and didn't even cry.  The rest of the conversation went like this:

Cooper: "I was pretty tough mom, huh?"

Me: "Yeah Coop, you took it like a champ!"

Charlee: "I'm a tramp!"

We couldn't help it.  Mike and I just busted up laughing.  Hopefully her words WILL NOT ring true one day!!

The Kitchen Remodel!!

Wow!  Someone should have warned me that remodeling the kitchen was a HUGE undertaking!  Our 80's kitchen officially wore out it's welcome.  Say hello to our new updated kitchen!



Complete transfomation!  I am in LOVE with  my new kitchen and sometimes catch myself just staring at it.  Mike and I (okay, mostly Mike) spent so much time sanding,  painting, glazing, tiling, grouting, blah, blah, blah!  This was a huge project but well worth all the effort. 

Now I just need to save up some more money to get new appliances!  Well, not a fridge because I LOVE my fridge.  I just want the stove, microwave and dishwasher to be NEW and match my fridge!  Someday....a girl can always dream!  Can't she???