Brachycephaly...AKA...Flat Head Syndrome

The Saga of Griffin's Head Begins......

Griffin Getting His Head Casted/Molded
Is that not the cutest sad face you have ever seen? Griffin was such a good boy throughout this procedure. He stared at the doctor for a while then when he realized it wasn't coming off soon, he started to get mad. He only had to wear the plaster for about 10 minutes, but that was long enough for him! Once the doctor took it off he was happy and smiling all over again!
Griffin will get his HELMET in about two weeks! We are so excited to finally get it so we can start the process of reshaping his head! Within a matter of months he will have a normal round head again! I will be posting more pictures of Griffin with his helmet and documenting his progress for those of you interested in this small journey!
I need some cute and unique ideas to decorate his helmet! So, if you have anything fun please leave a comment!



I know where you are is not where you would like to be celebrating your birthday, but we are thinking about you and miss you! Have a great day and remember how much WE LOVE YOU! We made cupcakes in your honor...they were yummy! Love You!

A Little Bit Of A Shopping Problem

Gymbuck Redemption Time!
It Really Is A Problem......!!!
I had such a fun day! Shaunna and I (along with Griffin, Charlee & Brody) went to Vegas to shop at Gymboree. We both had $$$ GYMBUCKS $$$ to use and boy did we use them...ALL! I got Cooper, Griffin and Charlee so many cute summer outfits. I don't know why but shopping really puts me in a good mood! Thanks Shaunna for spending the day with me! We will need to play our next trip to Vegas when it is time to EARN Gymbucks! Earn, Spend, Earn, Spend.....It's A Vicious Cycle!

My Cooper Is Hysterical!!!

So, leave it to Cooper to have me and all the Target shoppers laughing! The other day we were wandering around Target - yeah we live a pretty crazy life! Through our wanderings, we ended up near the electronics! Cooper shouts with excitement...."Mom, new Wii games!" I smiled with forced excitement and said "Yep! Keep walking son!" Oh, but no...Cooper is not done! He shouts as loud as possible...........

"Mom, when do I need to make my Easter List?"

I chuckled and said "Cooper, I all ready told you, Easter is NOT like Christmas!"

Needless to say, several shoppers heard this conversation and could not hold in their laughter! Cooper, you are so stinkin' cute! I love how excited he gets and always has something clever to say that makes me smile!

Quail Ridge Ward - Enrichment Night

I am on the Enrichment Committee in my ward and we had a great evening last month! The night was filled with information on how to "BEE" Prepared! And, not just in food storage...but in all aspects of life. We had a great time and a great turn out!

We celebrated the Relief Societies Birthday with a fabulous dinner and dessert. Of course we had HONEY baked ham, potatoes, salad, and rolls! For dessert we had yummy chocolate cupcakes! Tables were set up around the room with all types of different information. I liked the idea of being able to go to the tables that interested you and pick up the information needed to be better prepared! The slide show shows all the different tables full of info! And, I have to add that the decorations for the evening were the best! The entire room was decked out in bees and spring flowers! It was so cute and so fun! I hope the women of our ward had a great time because I loved "BEE"ing apart of this activity!