Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 2011

I am not really sure when and where my addiction for running began, but I really can't get enough of it!  This year I decided to give the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon race a try.

Shay and Me - before race day.

I trained with some fabulous friends.  And, made a few new friends along the way.
Jealin and Shay - you TWO are wonderful!

The stock pile of "Running Goods"

Several members of the running group.

When my little Charlee Boo saw this picture she said, "Wow Mom, that is a big crew!"

Shay and Me

The race started at 6:00 a.m. - so our alarm went off at 5:00 a.m.

Thank goodness our hotel was only about two blocks away from the start line and I loved it!

I didn't feel rushed, had plenty of time to get up, get ready, eat some breakfast and do some stretching.  And the best part?  We did it in our nice, WARM room.

A few minutes before the start.  It was a warm temperature of 47 degrees.  For this Southern Utah girl, that is COLD!

Mike and Me

I handed Mike my jacket and snugly blanket.  Had a little potty break - gotta love those outhouses and headed down to the road.

But not before one more picture!

I loved that Mike and Dave (Shay's husband) were able to be there with us.  They were our own little paparazzi.  Snapping pictures left and right!  Made me feel famous.  For a minute.

I can't believe how fast the sun came up.  We hadn't been running for more than a minute and it was light outside!  It was also freezing COLD!

I kid you not when I say I couldn't feel my hands.  They were numb.

Shay and I around mile 12. 

Feeling great and loving it.

We came around a bend in the road and the finish line was in sight!

Oh yeah baby!

You know you had a good run when you can sprint towards the finish and not want to die!

And then we were done.... 2:02:17 was my finish time.  My personal record.

A bunch of us at the finish.  Congrats to all on a great run!

Me, Mike, Dave and Shay

Our support group!  Fantastic!

Mike got a little camera happy and started snapping shots at everything.

After the race, showered and ready to head for home!


Everyone did amazing and what a great accomplishment!

Splash Pad Fun

Griffin LOVES to wear his swimsuit.  He also LOVES the idea of water.

But, when it comes right down to it...

The kid doesn't LOVE it.  He doesn't like to splashed, get sprinkled on, or wet.

Wierd...I sometimes questions if he is really mine.  But, by his looks I can't deny he IS my child.

Charlee on the other hand LOVES everything about the water.

She loves to hang out in her swimsuit.

Splashing and playing in the water is a favorite way to pass the time.

Brody couldn't get enough of the water, the playground, the drinking fountain...all of it.

Cracker Jack on the other hand is a FISH!  I can't keep him out of the water.  He loves to be splashed and have water dumped on him.

Cooper just chillaxin' under the palm tree.  Really?  Can this kid get any cuter?  I am so lucky to have a kiddo like him.  He plays with the kids and always has them laughing.

Enjoying some snow cones on a nice sunny day!

Griffin loves to eat.  The snowcone was the highlight of his day!  If you see Grif, he's probably got food in his mouth or asking for some.  I swear he never stops!

The Things You Find in the Mornings....

I woke up to some noise, a noise I was for sure was a "SNEEKY" noise.

I walk into the kitchen and see this.

I opened the pantry doors only to find.....

Two little boys guarding their loot.

Ready to fight off anyone who attempts to attack.

I think his thoughts are "To shoot or not to shoot?"

These boys are two little partners in crime.  They make me laugh everyday with the cute little things they do.  They are inseperable and love each other SO much.

Love my boys.

Birthdays & Blessings

Brody's THIRD Birthday & Kennedy's Baby Blessing

Little Kennedy ~ Such an angel!
My little brother Scott and his wife Shaunna blessed this sweet little thing on Sunday.  Scott gave Kennedy a wonderful blessing.  She is such a lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents.

And the Brodster turned THREE!  I can't believe our little boys are growing up so fast.  It seems like yesterday all three of us were bringing home these handsome little boys from the hospital.

And, this little stink....everytime I try to take a picture of him...he HIDES.

This picture with a bag of chips in front of his face is the best I could do!

Mike holding Kennedy.  It's been a while since I have seen him walking around with a newborn in his sweet.

Vic and Mike

Three Sisters

Tammie, Me & Kathy - notice how much taller I am than them?  I wasn't standing on my tip toes..?  Or was I?  Can't remember....?

Ethan and Cooper - pretty much the two most awesome boys ever.

Really?  Who wants to mess with those guns?

The Happy Birthday Boy and his Pirate Cake

My Little Charlee Boo serving the cake.

Scoti patiently awaiting her chocolate cake.

And yes, she is shirtless here - who needs chocolate on their Sunday Dress?

But are you not so jealous of that beautiful skin?

Baby Brucie.  Love this boy.

We had such a great day as a family.  Thanks Scott and Shaunna for letting us be apart of such a wonderul day!  We love you.