Welcome Home Sgt. McRae

It's official folks!  Sgt. McRae is HOME!  Yipee, Yay, Hooray, WaHoo!  Mike arrived home on Sunday night here in our good ol' town!  The entire day was filled with many emotions.  Cooper and Charlee were so thrilled and excited I think they had a perma grin ALL day long!  I was excited, anxious, relieved, and SO happy! 

Griffin....poor little guy had NO clue what was happening.  He did know that something exciting was happening though.  With all the giggles and cheers from his older siblings, he would join right in.  On the way to the airport he was squeeling in the backseat with the others, smiling, and laughing.  Once we got to the airport he was running around like a crazy man.  I am starting to think he was so excited because it was WAY past his bedtime and he wasn't in BED!  Something to get excited about when your only 18 months!

It wasn't long before the little prop plane landed and made it's REALLY LOOOONG taxi to the gate.  Here is where Cooper and Charlee couldn't contain themselves.  Every second, "Where's my dad?"  "Where's my dad?"  There was NO display of patience here...none!  And then.....

There He Was!  The first one off the plane (thanks to all the other passengers who let him off first!) and it was all we could do not to run past the "DO NOT ENTER" sign and wrap our arms around him.  But after a walk that seemed like eternity, he made it through and we held onto each other tight!  Cooper and Charlee talking, asking questions, stories, everything they could rattle off as fast as they could, they did.  Griffin just stared.  Mike tried to hold him but it didn't last long.  Well, at all.  He immediately came back to me and continued to stare.  I think now he was thinking..."Seriously?  Is this what we were so hyped up about? Cuz, I don't know this guy so why are they so happy about seeing him?"

Now, it has been just about a week since he has been home.  To me, things have just gone back to normal.  It seems as though he never left.  I think Cooper and Charlee feel the same way.  Griffin is warming up to Mike and is starting to see why we like to have this guy around.  Griffin will let Mike hold him, put him down for naps and to bed, and even get him up from naps and bed.  He likes to sit on his dads lap and most of all, be tickled.

The year was long, but now that it's over...it seems so quick.  We are all so happy Mike is safe and HOME!  I have all ready put him to work...just to help him "adjust" quickly!!!  Yeah, I'm nice like that!  (He can thank me later!)  We love you babe and are SO happy you are home with our family again!

Oh yes, I tried to take pictures of his homecoming....didn't work out so well.  Griffin wouldn't allow it.