Mom, I'm Almost Six Years Old!

What a joy it is to have a five year old daughter to shop for, for Christmas. I was so thrilled to purchase BARBIE stuff for Charlee. I mean, not only stuff, but lots of BARBIE STUFF! I thought for sure she would be so excited to rip open the pink Barbie boxes and let her imagination run wild.

My hopes and dreams of having a house filled with Barbie stuff came crashing down on me Christmas morning. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: "Charlee, are you so excited to play with all your Barbie stuff?"

Charlee: "Well, Cooper got lots of cool stuff. I just got Barbie stuff.....sigh."

Me: "Barbie stuff is cool!"

Charlee: "Not really, I like what Cooper got."

WOW! (Keep gets better!) I just kind of shrugged it off and thought over the next few hours, the Barbie stuff would sink in and it would be AWESOME! After a few days, I asked Charlee once again:

Me: "Charlee, do you like your Barbies?" (They are still all in the boxes.)

Charlee: "Not really mom. I pretty much don't play with Barbies. Maybe we should give them away to Scoti."

Me: "Charlee, if you don't like them it's okay. Just tell me and we can take them back and get you something you will like. I promise I won't be mad." (Inside I am heartbroken. What FIVE year old doesn't like Barbie?)

Charlee: "Well mom, I am almost SIX YEARS OLD. I am getting to old to play with Barbies."

Me: Absolutely in shock "What do you want instead?"

Charlee: "A Salon!"

Oh dear, what do I do with that? Because if I remember correctly, I played with Barbies until I was in SIXTH grade.

Talk About Sweet!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Cooper is the sweetest kid I know! On Wednesday Cooper came home with a birthday party invitation that was being held at Jumpin' Jacks. He was really excited and nervous about the whole situation. Why? You would ask yourself. What kid wouldn't be so super excited to go to Jumpin' Jacks with a bunch of his friends? Well, my sweet, tenderhearted, thoughtful, eight year old Cooper.

Jumpin' Jacks is one of Charlee's favorite places to go and Cooper was sad because Charlee wasn't invited. He didn't want to hurt her feelings and go without her.

The day of the party rolls around and I asked Cooper if he was going to the party. He looked at me in a serious face and said "No, I don't want Charlee to feel bad because she can't go. I will stay home with her instead." Oh, I do believe Charlee has the BEST big brother ever!

The Pantry

Every school morning we have the same routine. I wake the kids up or they wake me up around 7:00. I get the shower running so it's nice and warm for them. Cooper and Charlee go shower and while they are showering I head into the kitchen with Griffin to get breakfast going. This particular morning I opened up the pantry to find some breakfast and instead this is what I found!

Bet you'll never guess who did this???!!! Yep, it was Charlee! She filled my little jars with all sorts of goodies. From left to right: Candy Corn (leftover from Halloween, Rubber Bands, Fettuccine Pasta, All Sorts of Dried Beans, Sugar, and Reese's 100 Calories Snack Mix. I couldn't help but laugh because seriously? Who does this? Charlee!!!

I never said anything to her about it and just left it there to see what she would do with it. Later that day after school I caught her with the "Jar of Sugar" and a spoon! Can you say CAVITIES?

Thanksgiving 2009

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Salt Lake at the Grand America Hotel! The food was amazing and so delicious! We had a great time all together as a family...except for one thing was missing! Mike. We all missed him and wish he could have been there to enjoy the day with us. Thanksgiving would have been perfect if Mike could have been with us. We all love you babe!

Here is Cooper, Grammy, the "Main Guy" at the restaurant who enjoyed hanging out with us while we were eating and Jesse! He was a nice little fellow and thought Cooper was quite the man because Cooper LOVED the chocolate covered strawberries. He even went and got Cooper a plate full of strawberries and chocolate and they ate them together. He was very friendly and made himself at home at our table and with our family!

Coop man with his chocolate face after eating who knows how many strawberries and chocolate!

I love Thanksgiving! This time of year is such a great time, but also a time where I remember the past and get a little sad. But only because I think of my Grandpa Bowen and how much I miss him.

Grandpa Bowen was an amazing man who will forever be an example to me. My sweet little Grandpa had a childhood unlike most people I know. He grew up living in one foster home to another. I believe there were even times where he didn't have anywhere to live. He had several brothers and sisters, but his parents did not play a roll in any of their lives.

Despite all the hardships Grandpa endured, he managed to turn his life around and be an excellent father, grandfather and great-grandfather. I like to think I was his favorite! He would tell me I was, but I am sure he told all the others they were his favorite too! But that is what was so special. He had a great bond with each one of the grand kids and we each had a special favorite part in his heart.

Grandpa worked as a janitor to support his family. They never had much, but he always managed to work hard enough to give them what the needed and sometimes what they wanted. He joined the church and was sealed to my sweet little Grandma sometime after my parents were married. He was a great man!

Things I will always remember about Grandpa:

He would always quiz me on my times tables...every time I called! The first several minutes of our conversation were always 5x9, 4x8, etc.
He had false teeth and would take them out and chase me around the house with them!
Grandpa loved to tease...he would pull out his electric razor, turn it on (he had the cover on over the razor) and would hold me down and pretend to SHAVE my face! He would laugh and laugh and laugh.
He loved to go to Sam's Club and walk through the candy aisle. It was his favorite.
He walked everywhere he went. He never owned a car, and I don't think he ever had a driver's license.
McDonald's was his favorite place to eat.
He was a gigantic flirt with the ladies, but he loved my Grandma more than life itself.
When he would fall asleep, his mouth always fell open.

I could go on and on about Grandpa! When I was fifteen, Grandpa passed away on Thanksgiving Day, and this day as never been the same for me. I think about him all day long and long for the days when he was with us. Every Thanksgiving Grandpa would ask my Dad for the neck and the BUM of the turkey! I can't eat turkey without chuckling to myself and always wanting to gag when he would slurp up the BUM of the turkey! Kind of gross, but none the less...that was Grandpa, the tease!

I love you Grandpa and I can't wait for the day when I can give you a great big hug again! I am so grateful for you and the example of strength you were to me. Till we meet again Gramps!

Teddy Bear Picnic - Jubilee of Trees

I have a lot of catch up to do on my blog! It has been a really long time since I posted anything, so here goes!!!

We were given the opportunity to go to the Teddy Bear Picnic during the Jubilee of Trees. We had a great time seeing all the beautiful trees. Our really good friends Dave and Robert decorate a tree every year! They always do an amazing job, this is their tree this year. This tree was auctioned off the night of the dinner and live auction. I think Dave said this tree sold for over $6000.00! The Jubilee of Trees is such a great cause, I am so happy we were able to be apart of it again this year!

Cooper, Scoti and Charlee in front of Dave's tree! I do have to say this tree was one of my favorites!

Cooper, Scoti and Charlee in the new helicopter for the hospital. All the money that was earned during the event went to purchase this helicopter. Hopefully we will never need to use it!

And now, the Teddy Bear Picnic! I think I absolutely LOVED the skit that was put on because almost everyone in it are friends from St. George Ford! Here is Mark and Deon playing Santa's Elves! They did a great job as Elves. And, the tights?????

Lindsay (another friend from Ford) and her little man Mason! Lindsay was apart of the skit and played Quackers the Duck! You did a great job lady! We even bought Griffin the stuffed duck afterwards and he carries it everywhere and sleeps with it too!

Scoti enjoying the picnic and laughing at the skit! I thought it was so cute that she actually found the humor in some of it! She would giggle and look at me with a great big smile! I just love this age, I am so happy she was able to come with us! I just love this little girl!