My Morning Run

This morning I took Griffin on my run with me.  I usually dislike having to take him because that means I have to push him in the jogging stroller and that means my run is ten times harder than just running alone.  But, it is a good workout, especially when running hills.

I started at 7:00 am (this is early for me) but the air was so cool and smelled so good, not sure why but I knew it was going to be a good run.  Do you ever just find that pace, you know, the pace that feels so can just run FOREVER?  That is the run I had this morning.  It is those runs that have made me addicted to running.  I would have kept going, but I told Cooper and Charlee I wouldn't be gone long...I didn't want them to get nervous, you know!

Now, there was MANY a runners/walkers this morning and as we would pass I would smile and say "Morning!"  After about the third person, Griffin must have caught on because every other passer by he would yell out "MOWNEE!"  I wish I could see his little face has he shouted MORNING to them all. 

Wouldn't it just make your day to see this cute face at 7 in the morning shouting MOWNEE to you?

And, on a selfish note: 
I love those sweet little moments when my kids show they have some manners!!!

The Real Deal

Well folks, here you have it.  Washington City Employees at their finest!  I couldn't help but snap a picture of the construction going on outside my front window. 

The Little Boys

Griffin, Jackson & Brody have got to be the cutest little boys on the planet.  I know you all have cute boys too, but I hate to break it to ya, these boys top the charts in cuteness.  Especially when the three of them are playing together.  Like this...

Cracker Jack, The Brodster, & Fiffie
Doing what boys do best....throwing rocks!'

You Did What?

My story begins with none other than....CHARLEE...again!  It was the LAST DAY of school, I was still laying in bed and could hear the shower turn on.  Cooper gets in and is getting ready (man I love this kid, I don't even have to get him up - he does it ALL himself!) and I hear Charlee in the bathroom whining (which is no big surprise).  I continued to lay there and listen to the drama unfold in the bathroom. 

Note to self: NEVER do that again!  I should have trusted my gut, got my butt outta bed and went to see what the HELL was going on!

So...the morning plugs on, and I am still oblivious to what happened in the bathroom.  The kids have showered, got dressed, brushed teeth, and I am brushing out Charlee's hair.  I grab an elastic and try to put in a small pony tail on the left side of her head, but for some strange reason, it's NOT working.  Surely, I am not drunk (I don't do that!) and I am pretty sure I am awake now, but what the FREAKIN' HECK is going on????  I try again, and again, and again, and then realize it ISN'T me!

The conversation goes like this:

Me:  "Charlee, what is wrong with your hair?"

Charlee: "I don't know Mom"

Me: "Cooper! Did you rip the elastics out in Charlee's hair?"

Cooper: "NO!"

Me: "Mike! What did you do to her hair?"


Mike: "What are you yelling at me for?  I didn't touch her hair.  She had the elastics out before I got to the bathroom!"

See, this was the drama that was unfolding in the bathroom that I chose to ignore.  So, this is partially my fault I guess.....

Me: "Charlee, how did you get the elastics out of your hair?"

Charlee: "Well, I cut the elastics out because I couldn't get them out."

Me: "HOLY !@#$! You did what?"

So, my daughter cut the elastic out of her hair, thus resulting in Charlee now having BANGS for the first time EVER in her life.

She is now known as Betty because this does NOT look like my daughter!
(Okay, I now they are slightly NOT straight, but this is the best I could do with what I had to work with!  Otherwise she would have nubs for bangs that went even further back than they all ready do!)