Cooper, Where Is Charlee?

The other night I kept asking Cooper to please go find Charlee, I needed to talk to her. He would come back and say "I can't find her mom." I would then tell him to go look a little harder, our house is not that big! After several minutes, he never returned. So I went looking for both of them. I found Cooper in the living room watching T.V. and asked him once again where is sister was at. He smiled at me and pointed to my feet. I looked down and low and behold.....there is Charlee. She was completely wrapped up in the blanket and sound asleep. I practically stepped on her!

If you look really close you can see part of her head and hand sticking out of the blankets! Poor tired little girl!

Growing Up So Fast!

Jack Jack & Griffie
I can't believe how fast they are growing. It seems like only yesterday they were born.
Now they are sitting up and fighting over toys! Adorable!

At Least They Are In The Backyard!

Don't ask. I am not sure if Charlee is spanking her own hiney or if this is one of her new dance moves!

Explanation.....? Well, they were in clothes at one point and time but since they got them all wet, why not just strip down to your undies and have mud plastered to your butt? All the while, talking to your friends on the other side of the fence! Poor little Scoti, they left her dressed in her wet Jammie's. Oh, you just gotta love the warm weather!

Build A Bear

Well I did it. I finally gave in and took my kids to "Build A Bear." Mike and I decided to let each one of the kids make a bear that they will be able to use when they need a hug from Daddy. So, Tammie and I planned a surprise trip to Vegas and let the kids go semi-wild in the store. I had to give the kids a price limit (my gosh you could go broke in that store!) and let them build a bear!

Here they all are (you can't see Griffin, but he is there too) BEARY proud of the bears they built! They insisted on having them in the "HOUSE" and so I insisted that they carry their OWN!

I think they had way to much fun in this place. They are all ready asking me when they can go back and do it again. I feel sad in a way that I haven't done this for them sooner. Who ever knew you could dress up a bear so many different ways!

My little Griffin man with is little Army Bear. I make sure he gives this bear loves every night and tell him it is his Daddy giving him loves! We also made Mike a bear to send to him. The kids recorded their voices so it will tell Mike how much they love him and miss him. So, when he gets sad and lonely he will have a bear to snuggle with too!


Charlee and I were kind of bored the other day so we decided to make cupcakes! We really got into it and made really cute cupcakes! I am so excited that spring is finally on its way - we had to make SPRING cupcakes. So, HAPPY SPRING to you all!

Charlee is very proud of her cute spring cupcakes. If you lived close to our house you were able to enjoy a plate of these yummy cupcakes. For those of you who would like to test out our yummy cupcakes just let me know! Next time we will make sure to bring you some!

Why I Wanna Be A Kid Again!

There is nothing better than enjoying a day in the sunshine playing with the hose! I remember those days as a kid, how fun and simple life was! Cooper and Charlee asked if they could put on their swimsuits and play in the water today. I just smiled and off they went. I was watching them play through the kitchen window and started taking pictures of them. They had no idea I was watching them! These kind of pictures are my favorite. Playing and laughing without a care in the world. My only hope is I can keep them care free for as long as possible!

How I caught him looking at the camera, I have no idea?! But this is my little man thinking he is NOT so little! Check out the "muscles" on my boy made out of skin and bones!

Charlee has the most beautiful smile. She has one of those smiles that no matter what, will always make me smile too!

I think she is slightly surprised the water actually got some what close to her!

Life can't get much better than this!
Having your best bud to hang out with in the sun!

Happy Birthday Tammie!

I took this pic and you can't even see the birthday girl. She is hiding behind one of the many strollers we had with us today!


We had a fun day celebrating Aunt Tam's birthday in the Cheesecake Factory! It was so yummmmmmy! Thanks for letting us spend the day with you. We hope you have a wonderful, special, fantastic, super BIRTHDAY! We love you!

Just a side note....the funniest part of the day was when we were at the Cheesecake Factory eating dinner we had a couple sitting across the aisle from us. They kept staring at us curiously. After several strange looks Scott or Tammie (not sure who said it) said "We aren't polygamists. I promise!" Everyone around turned and we all started laughing. We probably did look very strange with all those women, kids and only two men! Thanks Dad and Scott for putting up with all us girls!