Coops Black Eye!

Last weekend we headed up North for the annual McRae Family Christmas Party. We had a great time spending time with family. It was nice to see everyone and share in the spirit of the holidays! Cooper and Charlee love to spend time with their cousins. They get to play, rough house, wrestle, run around like maniacs and overall have fun! Well, it is all fun and games.....until someone gets hurt! This time it was Cooper! Cooper was wrestling with his cousin Jake when Cooper managed to hit his face into a wooden rocking chair! You can only imagine the HUGE goose egg that immediately developed . However, Cooper was a trooper and toughed it out, he only cried for a minute.

These pictures were taken the morning after the kiss with the rocking chair!

Three days later and much explaining to several people, Coopers eye is turning from black and blue to a nice shade of yellow and green!

p.s. Jake was totally playing with Cooper and this was a complete accident! We love Jake and appreciate that he takes the time to wrestle and play with Cooper, because Cooper looks forward to hanging out with his cousin Jake!


shaunna and scott said...

Ouch! Poor Cooper! We are happy you guys had fun and that Copper is okay. Charlee is a crack up with that Numa Numa song. We love you guys!

Brian & Chelsey Hafen said...

Poor little guy. Looking at his eye makes me hurt. Its good to know that hes ok.

Kesha and Kenny Elliott said...

Aww what a battle wound! At least he was having fun lol. So the Naughty and Nice list is out at work and of course Charlee and the body in the box story has been retold haha.
By the way I'm terribly sorry about Mike going to Iraq :*(
You and your family are in my prayers!

* Anne * said...

O shoot. At least it's getting better. :)