OUt WiTh ThE oLd & In wiTh ThE NeW

You know when you get a call from the Bishopric change is a comin'!  It has been almost a year since I was called to be the Enrichment Leader in our ward.  I have had so much fun planning activities, serving the sisters in our ward, having a creative outlet, building friendships with amazing women in our ward, and spiritual growth that I am sad to know that on Sunday, I will be released from my calling.

Last week I came home from running errands only to have Mike tell me that a member of the Bishopric wanted to meet with us on Sunday morning.  I assumed since he wanted to meet with BOTH of us, we would be recieving a calling that would be for BOTH of us.  Well, never ASSUME nothing!  Bro. Yardley proceeded to inform me that my Enrichment Leader calling would be coming to an end on Sunday and they would like to extend the call of YOUNG WOMEN'S CAMP DIRECTOR to ME. 

????????  What ???????

Seriously?  Camp Director.  I couldn't stop laughing.  I know that is probably rude and I shouldn't have laughed but Camp Director?  As I am in hysterics, Mike looks at me with a stern face...kinda like...WOMAN, STOP LAUGHING....THIS IS SERIOUS....YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDOIT....JUST STOP LAUGHING....STOP!  So, I regain my composure and smile.  And, what do I say?  Why of course, I will do it.

I am in shock.  I do not camp unless there is a trailer with a mattress, sink, toilet, fridge, freezer, and shower.  So hours go by and I asked Mike what would pocess them to ask me to be the Camp Director?  He grins (an evil little grin) and says to me "Well, it will be good for you.  You need to learn to like camping so we can go as a family.  And, not to mention the TWENTY BUCKS I slipped the Bishop...."

So, I am now being trusted with the lives of the young women in our ward while we go up into the mountains and camp....in TENTS....with FIRE....this isn't going to be good!

ANYWAY, My last Enrichment Night!

Each table had a delicious birhtday cake on top of my FABULOUS CAKE STANDS!
This is my new favorite cake...Coconut Cream Cake!  If you want the recipe go here.

Our evening began with a NACHO dinner and CAKE for dessert.  We had a sister in our ward gave a short talk about the history of the Relief Society here in our area.  I feel it brings a real sense of what the Relief Society really is all about.  We are all great women, women of great strength!  Each woman is strong, but you put a group of Relief Society sisters together and WOW, talk about some strength!

Once we stuffed ourselves full of DELICIOUS cake, we ventured over to the other side of the gym for none other than "ROSIE the RIVETERS FEATS OF STRENGTH."  Each table formed a team and the team had to nominate someone for the event.  This sounds kind of silly (but hey, we are at a birthday party!) but, the women had a GREAT time!  Our events:
The Human Bobsled
One person sat in a wagon and the other person had to PUSH the wagon.  Whoever went the furthest...WINNER!
Nominee had to ride a trike through several cones, shoot a basketball into the hoop, run across the gym with a stretchy rope thingamajig (???)...while everyone is laughing at them!

Uphill Slalom
Slurp up a small cup full of JELLO through a straw.

Holy Gymnastics
One person lays on the ground while a team member stands over the top, blindfolded holding a donut on a string.  They have to work together so the person on the ground can eat the donut first.

Anne was trying to cheat...someone had to hold her head to the ground!

The Relay
One person had to put on a pair of plastic gloves, pie tin on the head, paper plate between the legs, HUGE sunglasses on the face, walk to the line and back while swinging a dish towel over the head.
Wanna looksey?

Sorry Holly...I couldn't RESIST.
This was TOO funny!

Overall, I think everyone had a good time.  It's fun to just let loose and have some fun every once in a while.  I am sooooo going to miss planning these activities, but, I look forward to being in the audience and enjoying myself from here on out! 

Watch out Young Women...Here I Come!


The Worthington's said...

JULIE! on the internet! that was a private picture for you to laugh at not the whole world!! j/k I think I look pretty hot! I will miss your enrichment nights!

Amanda said...

Those Young Women are lucky!! The bishop sure knew what he was doing, you will be fabulous!!! You are hilarious, it will be their best year of camp ever :)

Grabers said...

I'm glad to hear that Mike is home say hi for us and to Vic and Kathy too.

anne said...

I didn't know you got released. I must've missed that part. :( Your nights were super fun. AND I'm really glad you posted that pic of me because even though my face is all scrunched up and funny looking, at least my hair looks fabulous. :) haha.

Brooke said...

Julie, you will be so much fun for those girls. I'm sure it will be a blast! Congrats

Whitney said...

That was a way fun night! I am still amazed at your cake stands by the way ... and yes YOU will be the best camp director EVER! It will be the cutest, most clever camp ever!! The girls just love you too :) I'm excited!

McRae Family said...

So I might be laughing out loud just a little bit.....I can totally picture your reaction. I love it. You will be the best camp director ever....those young women are so LUCKY! Love you and see you in a few weeks.

bbray said...

We will have to share notes. I'm 2nd counselor in YW and will be going to camp this year. Roughing it to ME is a hotel without a pool. Brent's already laughing at the idea of me sleeping in a tent!