Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas!

Why does it always seem like we wait forever for the HOLIDAY season to get here, then once it's here, it's OVER? Just. Like. That.  Even thought the season comes and goes so quick, I still love it, enjoy it, miss it, and wait for it to come around again.

This year our family did a little something different.  Around Thanksgiving we sat the kids down for a Family Home Evening.  During our lesson we talked about the real reason we celebrate Christmas.   The birth of Christ was much different than a the birth of a child today.  For Christ was born in a manger, not a hospital.  Mary and Joseph delivered the Christ child alone - no doctor, no nurse.  Baby Jesus was a gift to the world.  A gift like no other, for He would bring peace, joy, and eternal life to this earth.

We then proceeded to tell of the Three Wise Men who traveled for many years to find the Christ child.  They had THREE gifts to give Him.  Frankincense, Myhhr, and Gold.  Baby Jesus did not receive these gifts at birth.  It was many years later the Three Kings found him, then did Jesus receive them. 

This year, we did the same.  Each child was to receive THREE gifts.  And ONE gift from Santa - because the fun and excitement that Santa brings should be enjoyed by all children!

I know many of you have heard of this idea, and I was told about it from a great friend!  Thanks Tara!  I do have to say, our Christmas was much smaller this year but much more meaningful.  I truly feel my children had a new respect for Christmas.  They were even more excited this year than in years past because they had to really THINK and PONDER what they wanted.  Since they only got three gifts, they knew they needed to put what they really wanted and needed on their list.  Not just every toy they saw on T.V. that looked like fun.  Without a doubt this will become a tradition for the McRae Family!

Christmas Morning.  Growing up in my family, all the kids would sleep in ONE room Christmas Eve.  My kids have taken on the tradition without any encouragement from me.  I guess it's a known thing with kids....they all LOVE each other a little more during Christmas!  See!?  Can you just feel the LOVE!  Aren't the so stinkin' cute!?

Me and the Grifster.  He insisted on a picture with EVERYONE!

Mike and Griffie.  He just loves his picture taken!

The kids trying their BEST to be PATIENT while we make sure Santa came!

All Charlee wanted was MAKEUP and NAIL STUFF!  She makes me slightly nervous.  What six year old doesn't want toys, or dolls?  My daughter.  She wants big girl stuff!

Cooper!  I LOVE this kid!  I told Santa PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.  No more video or computer games.  Cooper needs something else to do with his time!

Griffin is ever so sweetly modeling a pair of pajamas.  But he's taking after his big brother with NO SHIRT!

Santa brought Griffin a BIG WHEEL TRIKE!  I think I had more fun with this than Griffin did!  He is now catching on that this toy is pretty freakin' awesome!

I hope each one of you enjoyed your Holiday Season as much as we did. I hope you all felt the Spirit of Christ in your hearts and homes. This time of year brings such joy and happiness, may we carry it with us throughout the NEW YEAR!


Brian & Chelsey Hafen said...

What cute kids you have!!
I really like that tradition, I'm going to do that with my boys next Christmas... Cooper I love your tattoo :)

Brooke said...

Sam got the same trike/big wheel as Griffin! Glad to hear your sweet family had a wonderful Christmas!

Whitney said...

That is such a great tradition! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Darling kids you have.

Rushton's said...

Ummm, who is the cool Tara person? She must be pretty awesome. What a perfect way to celebrate Christmas with the most appropriate focus, on Christ. Miss the kiddos terribly, give them our love.