Snow Canyon Tuff Kids Race

The kids have been talking about running a race for the last several months.

In November, St. George held the Snow Canyon Tuff Kids Race.


Shay, Miriam and I signed up our kiddos to run and they had a BLAST!

The kids with their timing chips on their shoes...gearing up and ready to run!

Lincoln, Charlee, Griffin, Peyton, Maycee, Cooper, Kai, Emmy, and Belle
It was a really cold morning and looking back, I wish we would have brought more clothing!

My little kiddos.  So cute!

Peyton on the move!

Cooper coming around the last turn...almost to the finish line.

Maycee, Belle, Griffin and Me

Lincoln on the home stretch!

Charlee, Griffin and Me - I kept telling her to hustle and run as fast as she could to beat the girl on her right...With some extra encouragement she zipped right past her and crossed the finish before the other little girl did!

Shay and Boston right before the finish.

All these AMAZING little runners at the finish - wearing their medals!

Peyton came in 2nd and Cooper took 3rd place!

So proud of all our future marathoners!

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