ChRisTmAs 2008!

Christmas came and went too quickly this year. I am always so excited for the Christmas season to arrive, decorate the house, shop for gifts, bake, spend time with family, all the great stuff. This year though the time passed so quickly I felt like it wasn't even Christmas at all. We did have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Santa came to the McRae house even though Charlee was on the naughty list! She lucked out this year! He even left the kids a special note in the tree they found while opening their presents. The note told Cooper and Charlee that since they have been such great helpers with their new little brother Griffin, he left them an extra special gift hidden in the closet. It was so funny and so cute watching the kids run from room to room checking all the closets. They finally checked the hall closet (where Mike keeps all of his uniforms and police stuff - the closet they can't get into) and found two LARGE presents. One was wrapped in blue wrapping paper, the other in pink wrapping paper. They immediately knew which one belonged to who and could hardly contain themselves! Santa sent Charlee all the Disney Princess dolls! He left Cooper an Air Soft Pistol and Rifle! Santa delivered several new little toys, sleepers and clothes for Griffin - he didn't get to excited about much!

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I am grateful for this time of year because I am reminded of my Savior and His birth. I am able to teach my children that even though Santa is fun, he is not the reason we have this special day. I love the Lord, we are so blessed to know the truth and have the gospel in our lives!

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