My Morning Run

This morning I took Griffin on my run with me.  I usually dislike having to take him because that means I have to push him in the jogging stroller and that means my run is ten times harder than just running alone.  But, it is a good workout, especially when running hills.

I started at 7:00 am (this is early for me) but the air was so cool and smelled so good, not sure why but I knew it was going to be a good run.  Do you ever just find that pace, you know, the pace that feels so can just run FOREVER?  That is the run I had this morning.  It is those runs that have made me addicted to running.  I would have kept going, but I told Cooper and Charlee I wouldn't be gone long...I didn't want them to get nervous, you know!

Now, there was MANY a runners/walkers this morning and as we would pass I would smile and say "Morning!"  After about the third person, Griffin must have caught on because every other passer by he would yell out "MOWNEE!"  I wish I could see his little face has he shouted MORNING to them all. 

Wouldn't it just make your day to see this cute face at 7 in the morning shouting MOWNEE to you?

And, on a selfish note: 
I love those sweet little moments when my kids show they have some manners!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope to one day be addicted to running! Please help me after I have the baby =)

Whitney said...

Exactly! Nope, I don't know of any pace that feels great ... so I cannot relate at all. But it would make my day to see that little guy so happy early in the morning!