You Did What?

My story begins with none other than....CHARLEE...again!  It was the LAST DAY of school, I was still laying in bed and could hear the shower turn on.  Cooper gets in and is getting ready (man I love this kid, I don't even have to get him up - he does it ALL himself!) and I hear Charlee in the bathroom whining (which is no big surprise).  I continued to lay there and listen to the drama unfold in the bathroom. 

Note to self: NEVER do that again!  I should have trusted my gut, got my butt outta bed and went to see what the HELL was going on!

So...the morning plugs on, and I am still oblivious to what happened in the bathroom.  The kids have showered, got dressed, brushed teeth, and I am brushing out Charlee's hair.  I grab an elastic and try to put in a small pony tail on the left side of her head, but for some strange reason, it's NOT working.  Surely, I am not drunk (I don't do that!) and I am pretty sure I am awake now, but what the FREAKIN' HECK is going on????  I try again, and again, and again, and then realize it ISN'T me!

The conversation goes like this:

Me:  "Charlee, what is wrong with your hair?"

Charlee: "I don't know Mom"

Me: "Cooper! Did you rip the elastics out in Charlee's hair?"

Cooper: "NO!"

Me: "Mike! What did you do to her hair?"


Mike: "What are you yelling at me for?  I didn't touch her hair.  She had the elastics out before I got to the bathroom!"

See, this was the drama that was unfolding in the bathroom that I chose to ignore.  So, this is partially my fault I guess.....

Me: "Charlee, how did you get the elastics out of your hair?"

Charlee: "Well, I cut the elastics out because I couldn't get them out."

Me: "HOLY !@#$! You did what?"

So, my daughter cut the elastic out of her hair, thus resulting in Charlee now having BANGS for the first time EVER in her life.

She is now known as Betty because this does NOT look like my daughter!
(Okay, I now they are slightly NOT straight, but this is the best I could do with what I had to work with!  Otherwise she would have nubs for bangs that went even further back than they all ready do!)


Brian & Chelsey Hafen said...

Oh my gosh Julie that does not even look like your daughter.
I must say that she is still adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Betty!!!! That sucks!!! She still looks cute but yes I will call her Betty now.

McRae Family said...

Holy Hanna Julie......that does not look like her at all......I can't believe that she did that. She still is a cutie but I must say that I think that she looks ALOT older. Love you.

Whitney said...

Oh, I can fondly relate. I did such a similar thing when I was little, only it also involved GUM. Betty is still so cute!

Rushton's said...

she so doesn't look like charlee, so Betty it is. Your story made me laugh again, even though I heard from you the first time! ha ha, this will be funny in the future, promise, stories get funnier with time.

Kesha and Kenny Elliott said...

Ha! Where did Charlee go?! I must say your odoptive daughter Betty is still pretty dang cute! Bet she doesn't ever try that one again!

Kellie Stilson said...

Oh my gosh! I seriously can't stop laughing! She looks adorable anyway...every girls gotta chop her bangs at least once right?

Arrington's said...

It's a good thing her face is so cute because she totally pulling these off:)

Harmoni said...

OH MY HELL. Thats all I got.