I can't believe it!  The marathon is less than 2 months away and running is becoming my life.  This morning Shaunna and I ran 12 miles for our training.  Each week we have a long run and increase our miles so that by the time the marathon rolls around, we are READY!  I know this sounds crazy, but today was a GREAT run!  The weather was perfectly overcast and lightening was striking in the distance.  Around Winchester we felt drops of rain which lasted for about a mile, aahhh it felt wonderful.  Sometimes during a run, I will feel completely exhausted and want to quit, today was not that day!  I was having one of those "I can run forever" moments.  I think Shaunna was too! 

Throughout the last 8 months of running, I have been able to have a lot of "quiet time." Time to think, or not think, enjoy the beauty of Southern Utah, curse the heat and smell real sweaty.  However, during my quiet times I have the opportunity to really focus on things that matter.  Right now, LIFE matters a lot to me.  Griffin is almost two and it is hard to believe the day he was born was the day I almost left this earth.  Since then, I have had a change of perspective and during my runs, I think about them... A LOT!

Life is precious, it can end so quickly and without any warning. 

Companionship, trust, and love.

I treasure the moments I snuggle with my kids and now snuggle every chance I get.

Hearing the words I LOVE YOU never get old.  I say it all the everyone I love.

True friendships are important.

Children grow up to quickly so never pass up the opportunity to spend time with them.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is TRUE!

Priesthood blessings provide miracles.

Trying new things is healthy.  And, not just food.  Like camping...!

Service to others is a must!  If I see a need, I have a great desire to fulfill it.

Some money is a must, but lots of it is not.

The world is full of beauty.

Power tools provide an outlet for moms.

Pink is a FABULOUS color.  I'm not ashamed to admit that if I wasn't married, my kitchen would have several PINK appliances.

Cupcakes are delicious and should be eaten at every opportunity.

Talent is given from God.  Use it.

There are so many things that fill my mind while running.  I really am grateful I have the ability to run.  I am happy I am healthy.  I am thankful I have had certain experiences in my life to help me prioritize and focus on what really matters.  Thank you RUNNING for giving me the time to reflect...

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Brooke said...

Julie, I tried to leave comments when you first posted this, but couldn't due to technical problems. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your thoughts and how you are such a great example and inspiration to me. I just wish we lived closer. I love you, Julie!