Gonna Play Catch Up...

I guess you can say I have been a little slacker and have not been keeping up on the McRae happenings...How sad for me because now, I get to play catch up for my online journal.

Griffin Turned 2!!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

We celebrated Griffin, Jackson and Brody's SECOND birthday all together.  We had a beach party theme and it turned out fabulous!

Meet Molly, Our Newest Addition!


This girl turned SIX!  Can you believe my little girl is growing up so quick?  She is turning into quite the little lady too!

Charlee opened her presents and loved that they were ALL Polly Pockets!  Silly girl, she LOVES these things!

Charlee's Birthday Party
I seriously think it is the cutest birthday party ever!  I am going to post her party on my craft blog, I have so many more FUN pictures!

And then there's this....
Need I say more?  Sorry Anne, I just had to post this picture...not a day you want to remember I am sure?!

This Molly dog is getting bigger, and she loves to take her daily nap in the basket on the jogging stroller.  All I have to say is she had better not chew this up or she's gonna need to find a new home.

This cute kid, Mr. Cooper, turned NINE!  Can you believe I am old enough to have a NINE year old?  Man, I am getting up there....

Camp Coopers Backyard Birthday Bash!

We cooked our Hot Dog dinners over the fire, then roasted our marshmallows to make smores for dessert.  Played some night games and laser tag, it was a fantastic.

My candy corn wreath was featured on UCreate...the Oprah of craft blogs!  You can't even imagine the perma grin that was on my face the ENTIRE day!  I was so happy!

And, I started this.  I can't believe I actually did something so crazy!  It has been so fun and rewarding!  I have loved seeing the smiles a cupcake can bring to others faces!

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anne said...

Phew. That was quite the catch up. Fun birthday parties. Next year for Aliyah's I'm gonna have to call you for ideas.
AND I forgive you for posting that picture...only because I don't look as much like a whale as I thought I would. But I still feel like one. ;)