Griffin, Jackson & Brody

I have this really cute friend Kesha and she took the little boys' TWO year old pictures for us last week.  Can you believe these little stinkers are already TWO?  I can't... but they are!  These little boys are best little buds.  They all have different personalities but love each other so much!  Just thought I would share some of the cuteness with you...

I don't think they really knew what was going on here...they all look a little confused!

Griffin, he's my little lover boy.

I love this kid!

I know he's thinking..."Hum, how far can I throw this rock that's in my left hand?"

Love those big brown eyes!

Once again, my lover boy!

Little Jack, he is so stinkin' sweet!

I think he started to panic a little...his head being stuck and all...

This is Brody pouting, he lays down on the ground.  At least he isn't kickin' and screamin!

Jack kept trying to hide from the camera, this is a little peek!


Kesha and Kenny Elliott said...

I hope you all like the pictures! Those boys are so STINKIN CUTE!

anne said...

They are so cute.

Rushton's said...

they turned out really cute. nice job wrangling three two year old boys!!!