Do you remember growing up always being told "SHARE!"

Well, I am constantly trying to teach the same lesson at my house "SHARE!"

After days and days of "that's mine" and "he took it away" or "Griffin's not SHARING" and "Scoti drank all the juice" or "Jack took the scooter" I begin to question if my kids are slow learners.  Maybe I need to change the word SHARE to SHOOBY or VROOM because really?  They don't give a what.  I am pretty much talking to myself.

Until I wake up the other morning, stumble into the kitchen and see this

Griffin and Jack managed to scoot two bar stools over to the counter, climb up with their blankies, sit down and SHARE a box of crackers with each other. 

Do you see it?  Griffin is handing Jack a cracker!  They are SHARING.

Makes my heart proud!

Griffin is leaning over making sure Jack doesn't need another cracker.  He is taking care of his little Cracker Jack (that's our nickname for Jack)  They are the best of friends.  Griffin loves him so much, he takes care of Jack, teaches him NAUGHTY things, pulls him up the ladder because Jack is just a little bit to small to make it.  Griffin will not go ANYWHERE without his Jack.  Man, I am so lucky to have these little boys.

Don't let this kid fool you with his sweet little innocent half smile...he is full on NAUGHTY!

Kinda like how he shouldn't have been in the pantry getting the crackers??!  And climbing on the stools??!  Oh yeah, and eating crackers before breakfast!?!

 But, we are learning to  SHARE!  WEEHAA!!

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