Pine Wood Derby 2011

The Cub Scouts Annual Pine Wood Derby!

Cooper and The Mario Kart Wii Derby Car

The Check In - Weigh In.  Here the pressure begins.

The Car.  Lined up and ready to race.

Heat 1 - First Place
Heat 2 - First Place
Heat 3- First Place

Heat 4 - First Place

The intensity and satisfaction.  All his hard work is paying off.

Overall - He didn't win.  So close though.

Coop - you did  AWeSoMe.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing kid.  He congratulated the winners, encouraged those who's cars didn't move so quickly, offered help to the den leaders, and was just oh so happy to be there.  I can't believe how quick you are growing up.  You will ALWAYS be "My Little Man" even though you are turning into quite the young man.  Congratulations on an excellent race!

Seriously, is he not the freakin' cutest kid?

Our Little Bran Muffin.  She loved every minute of the race.


The Worthington's said...

Those turned out so cute!! You have to show me how to change the colors like that!! I loved Cooper'e Car!!

Whitney said...

He did such a great job. I loved watching him get so excited when he saw the results!!