The RoDeO

In September, St. George has a RODEO! It's kind of a big deal for our little town.

There's a parade. And THREE nights full of RODEO events.

So of course we had to join in the festivities!

Charlee, Macie & Cooper

Griffin.  He ALWAYS has food in his mouth.  I don't get it.  I think he's a hungry hipppo.

Belle REFUSED to let me take a picture of her.  Every time I tried, she would squeal and turn her head...BUT


Peyton...chips in hand.  Maybe Griffs teaching her a thing or two?

My little cowboy.

It just so happened the week of the RODEO fell on the Anniversary Week of September 11th.  The best part of the Rodeo was the tribute to 9/11 and the lives our country lost on the tragic day.

We also paid tribute to the men and women of service in our community.  Police Officers, Firemen, and the Armed Forces.  I am such an emotional wreck when it comes to this "topic," I tear up, the National Anthem begins and then I'm a big mess.  I hid behind my camera, snapping pictures so others would witness my emotional state.

We had a fantastic time at the Rodeo....smelled the horse poop, watched the calves, sheep, and bulls all endure some type of physical pain...saw some cowboys get beat up... You know... all that great stuff that goes on at the R.O.D.E.O.

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