Carving Pumpkins!

The Halloween Pumpkins! Last Sunday we had dinner at my parents house. Mike and I picked up some pumpkins and had each family carve a pumpkin. We had a great time together!

Here is Charlee and me, concentrating on the task at hand. Charlee picked out the face, and I got to carve it! We made Mike clean it out first. We didn't want any part of that! Jesse is in the background eating pumpkin seeds. He is trying to convince the kids they are yummy and they should eat them too. His feeble attempts failed, Charlee wasn't falling for it!

This would be Mike hard at work carving his and Cooper's pumpkin. Not quite sure where Cooper disappeared to? Ummmm....notice, it is light outside!

Here is Mike, still hard at work. It is getting much darker, but this time Cooper graced us with his presence for a picture. So nice of him, huh?

And finally, it is really dark outside! But, Mike and Cooper have completed the pumpkin. Isn't it great?

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