Jumpin' Jacks!!!

Okay, so we decided to take the kids to Jumpin' Jacks for the day. If you have never been to this place, you gotta go. It is not just for kids, adults love it too!

Check out this slide......

Step 1 - Climb up this steep inflatable slide, that is missing several steps with Scotlyn tucked under your arm, pushing Charlee up (again, because steps are missing), and trying to keep your own balance so you don't fall backwards onto several small children trailing behind you. Oh yeah, and all the while your lungs are burning because you had a baby a few weeks ago and your totally out of shape! (The last part mostly applies to me and Tammie...!)

Step 2 - Send Charlee down with Scotlyn. Is that truly safe? Mmmmm, I guess we get the "Mother's of the Year Award"
Step 3 - Go down the big huge slide - heck you earned it after climbing up the thing!
Griffin and Jackson were cute little boys. They sat at the bottom of the slide and watched everyone play. Two little cuties, see what you have to look forward to when you get older!

Cooper is having such a great time...see all the sweat. I am telling you, you get a great workout in this place. Remember to bring the hand sanitizer though! All these sweaty people....?

Charlee is a pro at sliding down this slide. She left this time with only two burns on her arms and one under nose. There were some bullies, oops, I mean little boys and they stepped on Charlee's hand. She came down the slide and said "Mom, there is a mean DUDE up there. He stepped on my hand and didn't even say he was sorry. Rude huh?" I told her "Go tell him if he steps on you again and doesn't say he is sorry, your mama is gonna come sit on him." She looked at me kinda funny and took off to tell this little kid to watch out!

Scoti got a little thirsty...climbing up that slide parched the little one. The answer? Give the kid some Pepsi.

Tammie, April and I decided we needed to take a break and sit at the bottom of the slide and watch the kids go down.
We had a fun day together. Thanks girls for the fun day out!


* Anne * said...

Hey, I found you on Janna's girly blog. :) I love Jumpin' Jacks too. Especially because it wears the little ones out enough to actually make them take naps. :) That is awesome.

McRae Family said...
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