Why I Wanna Be A Kid Again!

There is nothing better than enjoying a day in the sunshine playing with the hose! I remember those days as a kid, how fun and simple life was! Cooper and Charlee asked if they could put on their swimsuits and play in the water today. I just smiled and off they went. I was watching them play through the kitchen window and started taking pictures of them. They had no idea I was watching them! These kind of pictures are my favorite. Playing and laughing without a care in the world. My only hope is I can keep them care free for as long as possible!

How I caught him looking at the camera, I have no idea?! But this is my little man thinking he is NOT so little! Check out the "muscles" on my boy made out of skin and bones!

Charlee has the most beautiful smile. She has one of those smiles that no matter what, will always make me smile too!

I think she is slightly surprised the water actually got some what close to her!

Life can't get much better than this!
Having your best bud to hang out with in the sun!


Brian & Chelsey Hafen said...

I would love to be a kid again too!! Cooper I love your muscles:) And Charlee you are so beautiful & such a doll!

shaunna and scott said...

That looks like so much fun! They are so cute how they play together. Charlee looks up to him so much. And Cooper is so cute with her. They are so funny!

Mike and Steph said...

you have some cute kids!! i hope everything is going good!!