Build A Bear

Well I did it. I finally gave in and took my kids to "Build A Bear." Mike and I decided to let each one of the kids make a bear that they will be able to use when they need a hug from Daddy. So, Tammie and I planned a surprise trip to Vegas and let the kids go semi-wild in the store. I had to give the kids a price limit (my gosh you could go broke in that store!) and let them build a bear!

Here they all are (you can't see Griffin, but he is there too) BEARY proud of the bears they built! They insisted on having them in the "HOUSE" and so I insisted that they carry their OWN!

I think they had way to much fun in this place. They are all ready asking me when they can go back and do it again. I feel sad in a way that I haven't done this for them sooner. Who ever knew you could dress up a bear so many different ways!

My little Griffin man with is little Army Bear. I make sure he gives this bear loves every night and tell him it is his Daddy giving him loves! We also made Mike a bear to send to him. The kids recorded their voices so it will tell Mike how much they love him and miss him. So, when he gets sad and lonely he will have a bear to snuggle with too!


McRae Family said...

So Cute,Their bears turned out so cute. My girls Love build-a-bear and yes you definately could go broke there. What a fun day. I really need a little Griffin hug right about now. I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks. Love you.

anne said...

What a cute idea. I like that you sent a bear to Mike with their voices. I would melt.

shaunna and scott said...

I am sure the kids had so much fun. They will love those bears so much because of what it reminds them of. What a cute idea. I hope they keep them forever!