What I Woke Up To This Morning

This morning Charlee tip toes into my room and tells me Griffin is awake. I told her I could hear him and rolled over. Griffin was just talking to himself so I was going to let him be for a few more minutes! After several minutes I heard Cooper, Charlee and Griffin talking and giggling. I walked into Griffins room and this is what I found! It sure makes me happy to have happy kiddos in the morning! And, I love that Cooper and Charlee love to play with Griffin and can make him smile!

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anne said...

So cute. That's good they waited until he was awake to go in there. I found Aliyah doing that in Xander's crib one morning...only she was jumping and she woke Xander up. That wasn't such a happy story. :)

Hope you're doing well over there.