DoN't MiNd Me, I aM JusT ReShaPinG My HeAd!

My handsome HELMET headed Griffin just got his new P.A.P Orthosis Cranial Remolding Device! He is taking to his helmet very well and doesn't seem to mind it at all! This picture was taken right after they fitted him at Fit-Well Orthotic Center.

Just like any other day, hanging out with his mama!
Not the best picture of his mama, but oh well!

Griffin has been able to move around, nap, roll over, etc. with his helmet. It doesn't seem to bother him in the least bit! I only hope that he will sleep well tonight because heaven only knows I wouldn't be able to sleep with that thing on my head! More info to come!


Leslie Ann McRae said...

Baby Griffin - We love it! Helmet or not, we think you are adorable! What a blessing to have such a good natured baby. We send you our love from Australia.
Grandma and Grandpa McRae

Kesha and Kenny Elliott said...

Griffin is so cute! I'm glad he doesn't mind his helmet. What a good boy!

Brooke said...

He's looking so grown up! Love that smile!

anne said...

So glad he likes it. That would be super hard if he didn't. He looks so cute in it. :)