Coopers First BASEBALL Game

Cooper decided he wanted to play baseball this year! After much hesitation on my part...mainly because I would have to admit that my boy is getting older and therefore I am too, I signed him up for the Rec Team here. They had their first game today and it was hysterical! Most of the kids just stand there in a daze in their own little world...until they got hit right in the head with the ball! Cooper did great, he was the pitcher (the coach actually pitches) the first inning and then played center field the second inning. Cooper hit both times he was up to bat and made it home each time! It was so fun to watch his team play and I am happy that he is growing up into such a fine little man!
Cooper hitting the ball like a pro!

Hanging out on 1st base. Seems like he is quite relaxed?

Coop making it home...he was pretty excited about that!


anne said...

Good for him. He looks so small with a bat in his hands. :)

Leslie Ann McRae said...

You're the man, Cooper! Wish we were there to watch one of your games. We hope if you play next year we'll be able to come to some of your games. We love you Cooper!
Grandma & Grandpa McRae