Happy Birthday Griffin!

Today is the day! My baby turns ONE! I can't believe how quick this past year has come and gone. So many things have happened and Griffin has grown into a miniature little man! He such an adorable little guy with a happy personality. I am so grateful Griffin joined our family, he has been such a blessing and joy!

My Little Griffin Man!

A Total Mama's Boy!

Loves To Eat...Everything! Lucky Charms Are His Favorite! Thanks Aunt Engor!

Never Wakes Up Sad...He Is ALWAYS Happy In The Mornings!

Can Say Hi and Bye Bye!

Likes His Bottle...It's A Comfort Thing!

Thinks Cooper and Charlee Are Pretty Funny!

As Discovered The Toilet....YUCK!

Likes To Play The Wii With Cooper. He HAS To Have A Controller TOO!

Doesn't Seem To Mind Bumping His Head On Things...Gotta Love The Helmet!

Can Go Up and Down The Stairs! Only Occasionally Falling Down Them!

Takes A Great Afternoon Nap!

Laughs At Me When I Tell Him "NO!!!"

Has An UGLY Face He Makes And It's Only A Face A Mother Could LOVE!

Figured Out How To Throw A Tantrum. Today Actually!

Can Walk, But Still Thinks Crawling Is Faster. Won't Take Long To Figure Out He's Wrong On That One!

Misses His Daddy and Can't Wait To See Him!

Griffie, your mama sure does love YOU! I can't imagine our family without you. You make me smile all day and amaze me constantly with how much you know! You are such a happy guy, hardly ever sad, and so content, so pleasant! Your smile makes my day!


Brian & Chelsey Hafen said...

That is so crazy hes already one!! Time sure does go by fast. How are you doing? Think about you alot!!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Griffin! Sam figured out how to throw a tantrum, too. I know I didn't expect that so soon after his birthday. So glad you have a happy baby!

McRae Family said...

Happy Birthday Little Griffin...We all love you and miss you! Have a really fun day. Love you, Engor

Williams Family said...

He is a very cute little man! Happy Birthday. Hope his day is great. Take care.

Kesha and Kenny Elliott said...

Is he seriously already One!! I can't believe it!