Griffin's Birthday Party!

Griffin had an Ocean "ONE"derland party for his first BIRTHDAY!!! I know, I is silly and maybe a little weird, but hey, it's his FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! I looked and looked for something fun and different to do for his party and then FINALLY, there is was! Because seriously, how much fun is an ocean wonderland? Well, in case you were is really FUN and so cute and super easy to put together!

Griffin and his SUPER AWESOME FISHY cake!!!
The confused look? He wasn't quite sure why we were all smiling and singing to him!

I made this cute 3 tiered cake holder out of an oatmeal box and cardboard that I covered in paper, ribbon, rick rack, paper fish and underwater plants! Turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself! Oh, and a little spray paint....because spray paint is my new best friend!!!

With my other children on their FIRST birthday, I would make a cute cake in hopes that they would be so excited, smile and take a great big chunk and start eating. But to my disappointment Cooper and Charlee wanted NOTHING and mean NOTHING to do with CAKE! So, I made Griffin his cake having no expectations of him wanted to eat it. But, much to my surprise.... HE LOVED IT!

Griffin snatching the first STARFISH off his cake! He is putting it in his mouth! (I am holding my breath...waiting for him to spit it out!) YAY, he likes it!!

He kept eating......and eating.....and eating....until

He looked like this! And the whole thing was GONE!

Wow, who would have known that the 3rd child would FINALLY eat the cake?!?!? Now, not to TOOT my own horn, but I make some pretty darn SCRUMPTIOUS cake and some mighty YUMMY frosting. So, I am pretty sure I know why he liked his cake!

Matter of fact, when he was done picking up as much cake has he could with his chubby little hands, I look over at him and he is licking the tray of his high chair! He couldn't get enough of his mama's DELICIOUS OCEAN "ONE"DERLAND cake!

The Muffster (a.k.a. Kathy, my big sister) with Hope and Sam! Notice they are sitting underneath the AMAZING ocean wonderland...with smiles on their faces!

I have to take a moment to brag because I MUST say, I have the most WONDERFUL family. Seriously! Think about this....between the months of July and August we have 13 birthdays in our family! Yes, I said Thirteen! That is A LOT of birthdays! And somehow we manage to celebrate ALL of these birthdays! I know sometimes it seems overwhelming and we eat a lot of CAKE, but we do it! And WHY? Because that is one of the reasons WHY we have families! To celebrate and be together! Anyway....just thought I would let them all know I LOVE them! Thank you ALL for ALL you do for me!


anne said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! And that is the cutest theme ever! Where do you come up with all this...seriously?

Kesha and Kenny Elliott said...

Very creatively cute Julie!! Happy Birthday to Griffin!