Late Night....

Once again here I sit. This computer and I spend a lot of time together. Now, not because I choose to sit here and do nothing but because, well, I DON'T SLEEP like a normal person. So, I will warn you now - this may just be a ramble, hullabalu, whatever post. I have so many random things running through my head right now, I have to get them out. If I don't I may never go to sleep tonight!

Random Thought #1: I am really irritated with the fact that my camera is broken. I know I should just get over and go get a new one but I can't. I am not mad at Charlee anymore, just mad that it's broke and it was only 6 months old. I need to go camera shopping...anyone have any good advice for me - like what camera I need to buy?

Random Thought #2: I am truly grateful for the nice guy who lives up the street from me. He is building my kids their swing set and saving me much dreaded time outside. It is still way to hot for me to be building a swing set....the heat is just an excuse. The real truth? I honestly have no idea how to build a swing set!

Random Thought#3: I am not looking forward to waking up in the morning and telling the kids they are not going to school but to the Dr. to get FLU SHOTS!!!! I can see it now...crying...crying...crying...I don't want to you see why I don't tell them until the day of!!!

Random Thought #4: It hit me pretty hard yesterday when I realized that we are HALF way through SEPTEMBER!!! That means only 6-8 more weeks until Mike comes home for a visit!! YAY...HOORAY....YAY!!! Oh, I can't wait. It is going to be so nice to see him, hug him, kiss him, ??????

Random Thought #5: I should probably STOP thinking about Random Thought #4.

Random Thought #6: Enrichment Night is coming up here pretty quick....six days actually. I am feeling pretty good about things. I just hope people actually show up. It really sucks when people DON'T come! But, they are going to miss a great night if they don't come. We have some REALLY good stuff for everyone. We are going to play a couple of games(I, ugh...these are fun though, I promise!) and the prizes are FANTABULOUS!!!

Random Thought #7: How many Cokes a day is to many? Or can one person not get enough Coke? Seriously...I like Coke more than water. Is that weird?


Random Thought #8: I need to get a cute, easy little craft for the nursery kids to do during Enrichment Night....???? Any ideas?????

Random Thought #9: I would LOVE to eat some KING CRAB LEGS right now! Oh yeah, that sounds yummy!!!

Random Thought #10: Ooooohhh, Artichokes sound good too. Why do I always get hungry late at night? It can't be good for my body, right? I mean, if I actually ate late at night...everynight...multiple times a night?

Okay, I will stop. I know I need to seek therapy! But then my therapist would be sleeping and I would still BE AWAKE!!!


Arrington's said...

HaHa I enjoyed all your randomness!

Harmoni said...

You crack me up. I can't believe you of all people are having a hard time coming up with a craft for the Nursery. Seriously in SHOCK!! I am sure you will have them bedazzling something in no time. Hey thats a thought.. and maybe if you cut back on the COKES you could actually fall asleep. I don't know call me CRAZY!!!
Love ya