Orange Bavarian Cream Chocolate Cupcakes!

Yes, you read that right! Orange Bavarian Cream Chocolate Cupcakes! And oh my, they are delicious! Or maybe scrumptious, delectable, mouth watering, heavenly, luscious....the list goes on and on. I have never eaten a cupcake that has tasted so lovely! I swear I was experiencing a small piece of heaven while I ate the cupcake! The best part? I MADE it all...from SCRATCH! Yes, once again you read it right! I made it all from scratch. That would mean, NO BOXED stuff!

Would Be Picture Here
Remember? Charlee Broke My Camera!
So you all must just imagine this beautiful little cupcake in your head! First, a chocolate cupcake with an orange Bavarian cream center, topped with MY butter cream frosting (I can't tell you my secret ingredient...if I did, I would have to kill you!) and then....candied orange peel to make it even more desirable! Is your mouth watering yet? If so, head on over to my place! I still have a few in my fridge. Oh yes, they are even better cold! But you had better be quick about it. I can't promise them there for long...they are calling my name right now!


Harmoni said...

Of course you made something so Delicious. Of course you did. Parker and I have been trying to bake more. Parker even made his own birthday cake. You have inspired us. Hope all is well. We love you guys.
Harm and Parker

Leslie Ann McRae said...

Let's see....... It's a 13 hour flight to LAX, then another 3 to SLC, we'll see you in ummmm, 16 hours!! (We wish!!!!)
Love you. Enjoy them for us OK?
Elder & Sister McRae