I Am In BIG Trouble NOW!

Yeah, so Griffin can officially CLIMB out of his crib. It was quite the experience!! I had put Griffin down for a nap but he didn't fall right to sleep. He was in his crib talking to himself when all of the sudden his voice got louder. I peaked my head down the hallway and noticed his bedroom door was open. Uh, that's weird? Who opened his door? I asked Charlee if she went in his room and she assured me she DID NOT! I walked down the hallway and into Griffin's room only to find....NO GRIFFIN! He was not in his crib, he was not in his room....WHERE IN THE WORLD IS HE? I could hear him, but I could not see him. So strange???? I turned around and pushed the bathroom door open all the way and THERE HE WAS, playing with the tub toys. WOW! He was magic, because certainly he didn't get out of his crib ALL by himself!

About 20 minutes later, I once again laid Griffin down to take his nap. This time I thought ahead! Tammie hid in the closet in Griffin's room before I put him down. Within THREE minutes that little stinker had once again CLIMBED out of his crib! But, now we know how he did it! He is not magic at all! He has serious MONKEY TOES! My little man managed to wrap his little toes around the slats in his crib, throw one leg over the top, pull the other leg over, hang his body down and let go, landing on his well cushioned bum! He then pulls the door open with his chubby little fingers and walks out grinning from ear to ear.

Now, what 13 month old can do this? My little 13 months old Griffin can! Cooper nor Charlee EVER climbed out of their crib. I am in serious trouble!


anne said...

O NO!!! Aliyah learned to climb out of her crib...Jace taught her. What kind of dad would do that? I'll tell you, one that doesn't have to deal with a child climbing out of her crib at nap time.

Anyway, good luck. It'll be a fun challenge. :)

Brooke said...

You are in so much trouble! I pray the day Sam learns to climb out of his crib will never come. So far, so good. Give those monkey toes a kiss for me!

shaunna and scott said...

Hahaha! That should surprise me but, for some reason it doesn't. That is so Griffin! I love that little thing he is so freakin cute. Yes that is a pretty big problem for you. I don't know what to tell ya...so...good luck with that!

Leslie Ann McRae said...

Wish we were there to help chase him around - we'd love it!! Get your racing shoes on Julie - I'm afraid you're going to need them!