Midnight 5K

I have this great friend named Tara.  For the last few months she has been telling me about the St. George Midnight 5K Run and I thought it sounded like so much fun.  At first we thought the race was going to be the weekend of the Ogden Marathon, but it turned out it was two weeks later and I was excited!  Tara, Martha, Hillary and me all registered for this fun event and here are some cute photos of us all decked out in our glow in the dark gear!

When we received our race bags we were provided with some lovely glow in the dark glasses.  These beauties were NOT so beautiful upon the face, but they were kinda fun!  We took our pics with them and tossed them back in the car...I would have had an unfortunate experience of vomit if I had to run with those bad boys on!  They make me dizzy just looking at the photo!

The beginning of the race....I love this picture!  It was a mad house trying to get started.  Everyone wants to be in the lead and they will just step right on top of you to get there.  Come on people THIS IS JUST A 5K!  It was a rush though trying to make your way through everyone!

Martha, Tara, Hillary, Me
After we finished the race...Yippee!!!

After the race, we stuck around to hear the results and get our runner's cards.  Afterwards we headed back to Tara's and realized it was getting pretty late and we were all ready for bed!  Thanks girls for a fun night out. This is going to have to be an annual thing, I LOVED IT!


anne said...

Now a 5k I could do...maybe. Sign me up for the next one. I think it would be fun. :)

Amanda said...

You are such a little hottie Julie! Good job, you go girl!!

Williams Family said...

I am so glad that u said hi to me at the race. It was fun to see u there. Steph is doing the marthon this year u guys r crazy. We are doing the Half in Bryce canyon in July 13.1 is enough for me. well good luck on the Marathon u are great. O cute little srap book page of ogden race.

Whitney said...

Great job Julie! Seriously, you inspire me. A runner, I will never be!! That is for sure.