The Phantom of the Opera by Conner

I have the CUTEST nephew on the planet!  It truly makes me sad they don't live here close to me anymore because I love this little kid so much. 

 A few weeks ago my brother Jesse and his family were here to visit.  We were sitting on the couch when Jesse said "Conner, sing the Phantom of the Opera for Aunt Boo!"  Conner bursts out into song and let me tell you, it isn't just little kid singing that's cutesy.  This kid can SING!  I laughed so hard I almost cried...not because it is bad, but because he is amazingly good and he is so flippin cute I couldn't help but laugh, in a GOOD way!

So, guess what?  They are here again this week!  Yippeee!!!  And, I was prepared this time.  I broke out the video camera and captured Conners talent!  Check him out!

I couldn't get him to be too serious because he had an audience of cousins.  But, still this kid can sing!  I love how he sings his name and then his great big beautiful smile when he is finished! 

p.s. please don't mind that all the kids are partially undressed...not sure why exactly!!

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Whitney said...

I wasn't prepared for that! I just about died!! Too funny :)