Ward Summer Party

What happens when you put the Elders Quorum in charge of a Summer Ward Party?

 Let me tell ya!

You get a 100 foot Slip N' Slide on a gigantic downhill slab of grass.

Large quantities of kids.

And several Dad's who are kids at heart..

Charlee Boo with Bro. Tueller.  He would toss the kids on his back, take off running and launch himself down the slide.  You can tell by the look on their faces they are having a fabulous time.

Cooper with Bro. Tueller.  Really, he had to be exhausted when he left.  The kids just wouldn't leave him alone.  It was super cute watching them get so excited and have so much fun.

But who says it has to be the kids and dads who have all the fun.

Oh yeah, that's Kellie riding on her honey Shan's back.  I seriously couldn't stop laughing at these two.

Cooper thought it would be fun to start a water war.  With Kellie.  He snuck up behind her and dumped a 5 gallon bucket on her.  I've never seen him take off so fast in his life - and with a smile of complete satisfaction.  Not to long after, all the boys thought it would be fun to attack Kellie with buckets of water.  I personally think they think she's cute - they wanted her attention!

Charlee playing on the park with her little friends from church.

Cooper relaxing in the shade after plenty of sun.

You can't have a summer park party without Popsicles.  I lost track of how many this kid ate.  It seems like there was a never ending stash of those freakin' things.  Every time I turned around he had a different color, enjoying every second of it too.

Just a little snap shot of my Griffie.  I think this child would live outside if I let him.

Oh my gosh - he's just to cute.


Kellie said...

K, those pics are seriously the best ever! And that party was FUN!

Amanda said...

hahaha I love it! Why didn't you invite me? Oh wait, I am not in your ward anymore :( Looks like a riot! Glad you guys had so much fun!!

Brooke said...

You seriously have the cutest kids. And I can see you in ALL of them. Love you!