Family Dinner

I just LOVE when my big brother and his family comes down from Salt Lake.

We always have a GREAT time.

Especially the kids.

Conner and Cooper are inseparable when they are together.

I kept trying to get Conner to "SING FOR ME."  It was a no go.

I got that face instead. 

Me and Lover Boy.

Truly, the three of these kiddos ... TROUBLE!

Just kidding, it's more like pure hysterics.  They always have some goofy joke or funny story.

And, just listening them have conversations - HILARIOUS!

My sweet little CHEESE BALL.  He sees the camera in his face and constantly smiles and yells "CHEESE!"  Love this boy.

This little guy. NEVER. CRIES. He is an absolute doll and the tiniest little peanut ever. He turns one this week, but he is so LITTLE! So sweet and precious is our Little Bruce - ster!

Cooper always has some funny face for me.  He was so excited about the FREE ice cream.

My Charlee Boo.  She is such an angel and my saving grace.

I would not survive the day without her.

My Little Mini Me.

The family, enjoying some dinner at Dickeys.

I am so lucky to have you all.


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