Splash Pad Fun

Griffin LOVES to wear his swimsuit.  He also LOVES the idea of water.

But, when it comes right down to it...

The kid doesn't LOVE it.  He doesn't like to splashed, get sprinkled on, or wet.

Wierd...I sometimes questions if he is really mine.  But, by his looks I can't deny he IS my child.

Charlee on the other hand LOVES everything about the water.

She loves to hang out in her swimsuit.

Splashing and playing in the water is a favorite way to pass the time.

Brody couldn't get enough of the water, the playground, the drinking fountain...all of it.

Cracker Jack on the other hand is a FISH!  I can't keep him out of the water.  He loves to be splashed and have water dumped on him.

Cooper just chillaxin' under the palm tree.  Really?  Can this kid get any cuter?  I am so lucky to have a kiddo like him.  He plays with the kids and always has them laughing.

Enjoying some snow cones on a nice sunny day!

Griffin loves to eat.  The snowcone was the highlight of his day!  If you see Grif, he's probably got food in his mouth or asking for some.  I swear he never stops!

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Jer and Jealin said...

Do you just love summer? :) I love your cute kidos. What fun pics!