Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 2011

I am not really sure when and where my addiction for running began, but I really can't get enough of it!  This year I decided to give the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon race a try.

Shay and Me - before race day.

I trained with some fabulous friends.  And, made a few new friends along the way.
Jealin and Shay - you TWO are wonderful!

The stock pile of "Running Goods"

Several members of the running group.

When my little Charlee Boo saw this picture she said, "Wow Mom, that is a big crew!"

Shay and Me

The race started at 6:00 a.m. - so our alarm went off at 5:00 a.m.

Thank goodness our hotel was only about two blocks away from the start line and I loved it!

I didn't feel rushed, had plenty of time to get up, get ready, eat some breakfast and do some stretching.  And the best part?  We did it in our nice, WARM room.

A few minutes before the start.  It was a warm temperature of 47 degrees.  For this Southern Utah girl, that is COLD!

Mike and Me

I handed Mike my jacket and snugly blanket.  Had a little potty break - gotta love those outhouses and headed down to the road.

But not before one more picture!

I loved that Mike and Dave (Shay's husband) were able to be there with us.  They were our own little paparazzi.  Snapping pictures left and right!  Made me feel famous.  For a minute.

I can't believe how fast the sun came up.  We hadn't been running for more than a minute and it was light outside!  It was also freezing COLD!

I kid you not when I say I couldn't feel my hands.  They were numb.

Shay and I around mile 12. 

Feeling great and loving it.

We came around a bend in the road and the finish line was in sight!

Oh yeah baby!

You know you had a good run when you can sprint towards the finish and not want to die!

And then we were done.... 2:02:17 was my finish time.  My personal record.

A bunch of us at the finish.  Congrats to all on a great run!

Me, Mike, Dave and Shay

Our support group!  Fantastic!

Mike got a little camera happy and started snapping shots at everything.

After the race, showered and ready to head for home!


Everyone did amazing and what a great accomplishment!

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anne said...

Great job! That's awesome and you look like you had some big strides even at the end. You are an amazing runner. It's inspiring. :)