The Arrival Of The Envelope

The manila envelope with a return address of Department of the Army, U.S. Army Human Resources Command arrived Friday addressed to MY HUSBAND! Yep, you guessed it, Mike has been recalled and attached to a unit that is deploying to Iraq.

My first thoughts went a little something like this:
"This is not can this be happening?"
"I can't do this again, I just had a baby."
"What are we going to do?"
"This has got to be the worst day in a long time."

Mike's first words about the matter:

"This sucks!!!"

However, since it has been a day and we have tried to look at the more positive side of things, I realize that this is what I was talking about....patriotism. This is our country, several of men and women have fought for my freedom. It is now our turn to sacrifice and serve our country.

I know I could sit around and have a pity party for myself, but what is that going to do me? I am going to be positive (as much as possible) and make the best of this situation. And, if I get all whiny and annoying, just tell me to SHUT UP because things could be a lot worse!!!

All I ask is for you to keep Mike in your prayers. He is going to a dangerous place and is going to need all the blessings he can get. Pray for him to always feel the presence of our Heavenly Father, that he will never feel alone. Send him emails and packages so that he knows we are all thinking of him and appreciate all he (and all the other soldiers) is doing for us and our country.

As for the kiddos, please keep them in your prayers also. They don't understand a whole lot about this world we live in, and are unable to grasp the concept as to why their Daddy has to leave again.

So, as for me....I'm A Soldier's Wife.....Again!!!


McRae Family said...

Bob wrote:
Darn that Uncle Sam! Mike & Julie, we're proud of you guys and amazed at your courage and great attitude. We really love and appreciate your service to our country! We love you.

Brandon and Lindsay said...

Jules! Holy moly. That's a shocker! I'll for sure keep you guys in my prayers. Everything will turn out okay. Just keep up the positive attitudes!

The Torok Family said...

We sure do love you guys! I am so proud of you for handling this so well. You keep up that positive attitude and you and your family will be blessed. Mike we are proud of you to. You are always in our prayers. Give the kids a hug and kiss. Love ya lots.

Brooke said...

Julie & Mike - You guys will be in our prayers. Thank you for your sacrifice. Love you!

Leslie Ann McRae said...

We wish we could take this away from both of you. We pray for our dear family every night that Heavenly Father will keep you all safe. I guess now we have to rely on our faith that He will. Know we are concerned for all of you and you will remain in our prayers. We love you. Mom & Dad

Harmoni said...

We will keep you in our prayers as well. Thanks for doing what you do MIKE...

The Boren Family said...

Hey I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. I am going to keep your family in my thought and prayers. We seriously need to get together. We have so much to catch up on. How about next week sometime? Let me know!

* Anne * said...

You guys are such an inspiration. Thank you for serving our country and be safe over there. We'll keep you in our prayers. :)

Don said...


Did I miss when he deploys? Hopefully after the holidays. Do they tell you the duration? Our family adds our thanks for yours and Mike's sacrifice. We'll certainly keep you all in our prayers. God bless!

The McRae Family said...

To all of you, THANK YOU! I appreciate the love and concern that all of you have shared. Mike will beable to be home for the holidays, thank goodness. We are grateful for that. He will leave in February and will be gone anywhere from 12-15 months. It is going to be a long year, but with family and friends, I am sure it will pass as quickly as possible! We love you all, and thanks again!