On The Naughty List!

So, Charlee was a little naughty this year. Last month we took Charlee shopping with us to pick out Cooper's birthday presents. We constantly reminded her that it was very important NOT to tell Cooper what he was getting. Well, we hadn't been home for more than an hour and Cooper told me that Charlee told him what we got him for his birthday. I then told her she was naughty and I was calling Santa to have him put her on the naughty list.

I tell you this because........

Tonight we are making our Christmas List's. I gave the kids a paper with their names on it, and decorated it all up so it was all Christmas Cute! (ya know, it's gotta be cute lookin').

Cooper - "I can't wait for Christmas. I am so excited to see what Santa is going to bring me."

Charlee - "I am on the naughty list....... Mom, is Santa going to bring me anything?"

Mom- "Maybe you had better write Santa a letter and tell him you are going to be SUPER good, and try and redeem yourself!"

Charlee- "But I am good sometimes mom."

Mom- "But you are mostly naughty Charlee."

Charlee- "Yeah, I know!!!" (with a little giggle)

Cooper- "I dunno Char, Santa has you on the naughty list and it is super hard to get off THAT list."

So, how mean am I for telling her she is on Santa's naughty list and she isn't getting anything from him this year?

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Kesha and Kenny Elliott said...

That is hilarious! Charlee is definately the middle child. Good thing Cooper keeps her in check.