Who Would Have Ever Known.....

Beware of the Dog!
Who would have ever known that this game for
children can and will scare even the bravest adult!
On Sunday, we had Scott, Shaunna, Tammie & Jason over for dinner. After dinner, we are all outside roasting marshmallows when none other than Scott says he has a GREAT game for us to play. Tammie and Jason decided it was getting late and headed out for the night. We decided to break out this "great" game and play for a minute. Scott filled us in on the fact that it looked like this great game for kids and it should be a lot of fun. Ha Ha Ha....this game scared the living daylights out of me. I might even admit that a small naughty word escaped my lips when the dog woke up. Cooper and Charlee were scared to death of it. Charlee watched nervously while Cooper went in the other room and plugged his ears. Both were pleading that the dog NOT wake up.....EVER!!!! Anyway, it was pretty funny though. We all had a good laugh at each other's expense. However, if you were thinking of getting this game for your kids, make sure they aren't sissy kids like mine, or they won't like it!!!

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shaunna and scott said...

That was a very fun game! Thanks for having us over. Scott and I can't wait to come over again and play with Coop's Rock Band!